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“Recovery is going well, I hope to run soon”

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“Recovery is going well, I hope to run soon”

The Spaniard present at Zeltweg in the Honda pits: “The recovery is progressing well, I do things that were previously impossible and from the next checks I will decide the timing of my return to the track, but I’m not in a hurry. I want to be more involved in the team’s work: a different bike is needed , but also a different coordination between the parts of the team to keep up with the changes ”

There is Marc Marquez in Austria, for the thirteenth GP of the MotoGP world championship, but without suit and helmet: however, he holds an awaited press conference in which he explains the reasons for his presence in the Honda pits while he is always struggling with rehabilitation at the arm, injured at Jerez 2020 and operated on four times: “At the moment it seems that my recovery is going well, the decision to operate was the right one and we are slowly moving in the right direction – says Marc -. However, it is always an arm with 4 operations, we are working to adapt to the best and the limb starts to make me do exercises that were previously impossible. Next week I will do a CT scan to understand if I can increase the weights, then when they allow me I will get on the bike and only then will I really understand how things go “.

involvement in the project

His presence on the track is important as a clear eye on the Honda project and guides the plans of the Japanese manufacturer: “Being in contact with the team is a way to understand how things are going: Honda is in difficulty throughout the overall project, so it’s a problem for everyone, not just mine – explains Marc -. After the injury I got too far off with the technical issue and it didn’t go well, so I want a more direct contact with my chief technician Santi Hernandez, the engineers and technicians. This is the reason I’m here: to understand, see and be more involved. It is never just one who wins, but the whole team. ”

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improve the bike and the team

The Honda is in serious crisis and Marc, despite having missed many races this season, remains the Tokyo manufacturer’s rider best placed in the standings: “I don’t know exactly what needs to be improved on the bike, I haven’t even tried the latest changes, but at Mugello, the last time I rode it, there was a big problem. There are two aspects: the bike must be changed and greater coordination between the various parts of the team is needed to ensure that the information flows more easily. fluid in every department and I will give my contribution. The European teams work differently: Honda works a lot, has budgets, technicians and riders, but the coordination between all the parts must be changed to go in the right direction. that we need a revolution in Honda and that we must work like the European teams, but it is true that the world and the championship are changing, the style is changing and we need to understand how to grow without panicking. I’m sure I can get back to the top with the H wave, but it must be understood that something must be changed between the track and the factory. I want a winning bike, I can say what the weak points are and where I can have more difficulties, but we need a broader vision and I believe in the work of my engineers: the goal is to return to the top and to the world championship with Honda. ”

recovery and races in the sights

Marc then goes into detail about this last rehabilitation period and sets a date for his possible return: “After the operation I was stopped for 6 weeks with my arm immobile because with the doctors we chose a conservative recovery, then I started physiotherapy and moving my arm to then move on to the rubber bands and to increase the weights a little – explains Marc -. Now next week I have a CT scan and only after they will tell me if I can push more. If so we will make a plan to understand when I can get back on the bike: I think I will have to be at least 70/80% to get back on the saddle and it will be only there that my return will be decided. I intend to run a race before the end of the season, but if it will be one, two or three we will see and it will depend a lot on next week’s checkups. The worst time I had? On a mental level it was before I decided to do the fourth operation because I was running, I was active and things were not working and I was wondering whether it was for the arm or the bike. I knew I had limits on my arm, but it could also be the fault of the bike, but I followed my feeling and the intervention clarified everything mentally. ”

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