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recovery!Tottenham end losing streak Kane’s “long eye behind the head” pass show skill_Selso

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Original title: Recovery!Tottenham end losing streak Kane’s “long eye behind the head” pass show skill

In the Premier League tonight, Tottenham defeated Villa 2-1 at home, thus ending their 3-game losing streak.

Compared with the previous 3 rounds of the league, only scoring 1 goal and being bombarded by 9 goals by the opponents, the state of Tottenham in this game has been significantly improved. The two wingers led by Sun Xingmin and Lucas Jr. used their speed many times. After tearing open the opponent’s defense, the team shot a total of 17 shots in total, and the number of shots was as high as 8 times, and finally won a steadily victory.

Corresponding to the team’s recovery, the team’s core Kane’s performance on the field also rebounded significantly. In this game, he hit a total of 6 shots, 4 of which hit the goal range, although he still failed to score a goal, but Compared with the bleak data of 9 shots in the previous 5 rounds, Kane’s performance has improved a lot.

In addition to his personal offense, Kane also showed excellent vision in the second half. In the 86th minute, he and Sun Xingmin and Loselso made a triangular advance in the frontcourt, attracting 2-3 defensive players from the top of the arc. Later, Kane passed his heel to the unmarked Loselso on the left side of the penalty area, but the latter was blocked, otherwise the ball will be expected to compete for the best goal in the Premier League this week.

With the recovery of Kane’s state, Tottenham’s team has gradually returned to blood. Tottenham has completed the goal of ending the Premier League’s three-game losing streak. The next step is Kane’s breakthrough.Return to Sohu to see more

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