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Regeni trial, the medical examiner: ‘Giulio tortured with beatings and burning’ – News

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Regeni trial, the medical examiner: ‘Giulio tortured with beatings and burning’ – News

Giulio Regeni suffered several tortures in Egypt including punching, kicking, burning, hitting the feet and cuffing of the wrists and ankles. This is what the medical examiner said: Vittorio Finceschi, consultant to the Rome Prosecutor’s Office during his hearing in the trial of four Egyptian 007s. On 6 February 2016, Fineschi carried out an autopsy on the body of the Italian researcher found dead on 3 February 8 years ago on the road connecting Cairo to Alexandria.

During his speech Fineschi explained that on Regeni’s body “we found almost all the tortures carried out in Egypt and described in the Egyptian scientific literature: punches, kicks, use of clubs, burns”. In particular, he said, Egypt “over the years has published two scientific works on torture: one out of 140 cases of torture on people, not killed, first arrested and then tortured in police stations or prisons with punches, kicks, clubs, dragging of the body, burns, handcuffing of wrists and ankles and the use of a nailed comb. like being beaten on the feet until all the bones break”. Speaking about the autopsy carried out in Egypt, the consultant stated that it was an activity “below the minimum standard. The Egyptians attributed the death to a hematoma that compressed the brain so much that it led to his death. A cause not compatible with that that we found. In Egypt, incomplete and not very thorough investigations were carried out”, he added.

The death of Giulio Regeni is “estimated between 10pm on January 31st and 10pm on February 2nd 2016” This is what the toxicologist said in the courtroom Marcello Chiarotti, consultant to the Prosecutor’s Office, during the hearing of the trial of four Egyptian 007s accused of the kidnapping, torture and murder of the Italian researcher. Chiarotti carried out the autopsy on 6 February 2016 during which he took vitreous humor cells from the eyes which are used to evaluate the potassium level in the post-mortem phase.

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“Our work has led to an estimate of death 124 hours before the sampling, therefore it dates back to the period between 10pm on 31 January and 10pm on 2 February. All the toxicological tests – he added – gave negative results both on the Giulio’s use of drugs and medicines and the administration of toxic and poisonous substances”.

Outside the judicial citadel also some students of the Tito Lucrezio Caro high school in Rome who read some passages from the book “Giulio fa cose” written by the parents of the Italian researcher killed in Cairo in 2016. “We thank these kids immensely, they chose passages from the book not by chance, with the heart.

Video Regeni, the family lawyer: ‘Hard and painful hearing today

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