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Regionals of Sardinia, Todde: ‘After 75 years we have broken the glass ceiling’. Truzzu: ‘I lost’ – News

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Regionals of Sardinia, Todde: ‘After 75 years we have broken the glass ceiling’.  Truzzu: ‘I lost’ – News

“I thank everyone. You spent 16 hours waiting for the head to head which was long and tiring. But like all long and tiring things they gave an important result. I am proud to be the first female president of the region. After 75 years we are managed to break this glass ceiling. I also thank all the women on my team for the role they had and for the task they carried out”. The newly elected president of the Sardinia Region Alessandra Todde said this at a press conference.

“I believe that Sardinia is not a laboratory because the Sardinians are not guinea pigs: I was very happy to share this passage with Giuseppe Conte and Elly Schlein who supported me throughout the campaign, I am very happy that this union project could have found in Sardinia a solid project to demonstrate that our alliance can work”, said Alessandra Todde after the victory in the regional elections in Sardinia, underlining that we must also in other realities “create a solid project that can convince an electorate that wants unity: I believe that the alliance between Pd and M5s is the only viable path”.

Sardinia responded to the truncheons with pencils”, said the new president of Sardinia in a press conference in which she assured that the new council “will be highly competent”. “I will also go to Abruzzo – she states – to campaign. PD and M5S have been generous with me and I will go and campaign for them.” “To be able to create a solid project that can convince the electorate, the alliance between PD and M5S is the only way.” Todde declared who will work a lot with young people for young people and who will also focus a lot on research to combat the migration of young Sardinians.

“My council will stand out for its skills: we promised this to our voters.” “Compatibly with the times for the proclamation, but we will start working immediately – he added – we need competent people given the example given yesterday of a Region that is disorganized on the technological response”.

“The important thing is to give us a tool for law 1 of 77 (organization of the Region, ed.) and a priority is that energy speculation in Sardinia ends. We will propose a moratorium that supports the transition and allows us to work on the map of areas suitable for renewables”.

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Truzzu: ‘I lost, the elections were not influenced by national factors’

“This morning I called Alessandra Todde and congratulated her. I told her that we will see each other again in the Regional Council. We really lost by a ‘spit’, around two thousand votes out of 750 thousand Sardinians who went to vote. The responsibility for the defeat lies solely my”. These are Paolo Truzzu’s first words, yesterday in silence for the whole day, in a press conference in Cagliari. “In Cagliari there was more of a vote against myself than for Todde”, added the mayor and candidate of the defeated centre-right.

“I sent a message to Giorgia Meloni. But reading the vote is simple: these were not elections influenced by national factors and the data that proves this is the result of Cagliari which, rather than voting for Todde, voted against me. It would be it was enough to have three-four more points to win the entire match.” “This is why I say that the responsibility is mine. There are different Sardinians. We had a great result outside the urban centres. The causes of Cagliari’s vote? There are many factors: disjointed vote, construction sites”.

“Appeal? Now is not the time to talk about recounting the votes. The court will have to do that. Once we see the report we will make some assessments. Of course, with such a small difference, we can also think about appealing, I know that only in Cagliari there were a thousand null ballots, but now it is not on the agenda”, said the mayor of Cagliari Paolo Truzzu.

Salvini: ‘When the people vote they are always right’

“After five consecutive victories there could be a defeat. When the people vote they are always right. It does not change my commitment as minister to the Sardinians. I will, obviously, continue to do everything that the Sardinians expect and deserve. When you win you everyone wins together, when we lose we all lose together. The numbers show that the centre-right has increased its votes compared to the policies, that the League and the Sardinian action party have grown by three points, but the M5s candidate won. democracy is right”, said the leader of the League, Matteo Salvini, commenting on the vote in Sardinia.

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“The Government is absolutely firm. I’m happy with what we are doing, what we are planning. After five consecutive defeats I am pleased to know that Schlein at least slept happy last night.” “The regional elections are important for the citizens – adds Salvini -. The Sardinians have decided. Their vote or not vote, because almost half of the Sardinians did not vote, must be respected. I think the vote of the people of Abruzzo will be profoundly different.”

Schlein: ‘There is an alternative, the direction is right’

“One thing is certain: there is an alternative. As secretary, exactly one year after the primaries – so the secretary of the Democratic Party Elly Schlein on Facebook -, I couldn’t hope for a better reason to celebrate! She demonstrates that the direction taken is the right one and that being stubbornly united bears fruit. We will also be so in view of other equally important challenges, because today we have shown that the right can be beaten.” “They were sure of winning, they came here to Cagliari with great fanfare, with prime minister and vice prime minister, and Sardinia responded. Truzzu has lost, Giorgia Meloni has lost who forced it, and Matteo Salvini has also lost.” “The wind is changing! Alessandra Todde will be the first President of Sardinia – the post begins -. It is the redemption of a proud community that has experienced first-hand the inadequacy of the right for five years. It is a victory for Alessandra that she proved to be the right person, she ran an extraordinary campaign and will be a great President. She will be able to restore trust to the Sardinians and hope to this wonderful land. It is a team victory, because Alessandra held together a plural coalition that became more united every day. I thank the entire Sardinian Democratic Party, first of all the candidates, because we are the first party on the island, and for this we thank those who voted for us and we feel a great responsibility”.

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1822 seats out of 1844, Todde victory in pectore at 45.3%: gap of 3 thousand votes over Truzzu of the centre-right still at 45%

The centre-left candidate Alessandra Todde obtained 45.3% of the preferences (330,619 votes) and is preparing to become the first woman to lead the island’s administration. There is no official confirmation yet, we will have to wait several more days: for now, given the official numbers, she can boast the title of governor in pectore of Sardinia. The data, in fact, is still partial: it was updated at 5 this morning and refers to 1822 sections out of a total of 1844. “The counting of the remaining 22 electoral sections (4 in Sassari, 2 in Sorso, 3 in Sestu, 2 in Bonarcado, 3 in Luras, 2 in Musei, 2 in Serdiana, 2 in Silius, 1 in San Gavino Monreale, 1 in Villasor), will be completed, as foreseen by the offices of the Courts of the respective territories”, the Region informs in a Note.
Again on the basis of the data uploaded by the municipalities into the regional electoral information system, the centre-right challenger Paolo Truzzu stopped at 45% (327,695 votes) with a difference of around 3000 votes. Behind are Renato Soru with the Sardinian Coalition 63,021 votes at 8.7%, and Lucia Chessa with 7,147 votes (1%).

For further information Agenzia ANSA Regionali, Todde rejoices: ‘I am the first female president of Sardinia’ – News – Ansa.it Conte and Schlein: ‘The wind is changing’. The M5s leader: ‘Other Regions? Forward with reliable companions’. 1822 seats out of 1844, Todde victory in pectore at 45.3%: gap of 3 thousand votes over Truzzu of the centre-right still at 45% (ANSA)

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