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Remember Actua Soccer 2? Owen and Shearer “bring it back” to PC

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Remember Actua Soccer 2?  Owen and Shearer “bring it back” to PC

Actua Soccer 2, a legendary football title dating back to 1997, is returning to PC with a number of quality of life improvements.

Football fans have quite a limited number of titles to choose from when it comes to video games. However, the squad of the various FIFA and eFootball is about to expand, taking advantage of the broader baggage of a fairly distant past. As announced today, Actua Soccer 2 is about to return to PC.

Michael Owen sent me –

An ancestor of FIFA and PES, Actua Soccer 2 was originally launched by the UK’s Gremlin Interactive way back in 1997. The same company released Body Harvest, a semi-open world shooter from a previously unknown studio that would become a few years after Rockstar Games. Actua Soccer 2 was part of a series of sports titles that dominated the 90s, along with Actua Golf, Actua Tennis – also returning ten days later – and even Actua Pool. At the time, the game also included “motion capture of a young Michael Owen” and “involvement of Alan Shearer”.

The new Actua Soccer 2 –

This is not a direct port, however. Pixel Games, the new publisher of the title, will add options to save and load the game, support for modern controllers, and a series of improvements on scaling and texture filtering. Not a real remaster, but a re-release with a range of tweaks to make it more accessible to a new audience. If you want a more immediate product, without the sea of ​​microtransactions and modes of the various eFootball and FIFA 23, it could probably be worth a look when it releases on October 10 on Steam.

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