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Ren Ziwei, deputy to the National People’s Congress: I didn’t “lay flat” in my life

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Ren Ziwei, deputy to the National People’s Congress: I didn’t “lay flat” in my life

Ren Ziwei, deputy to the National People’s Congress: There is no “laying down” in my lifeFly into the homes of ordinary people

This morning, the first session of the 14th National People’s Congress held its fifth plenary session in the Great Hall of the People. Before the start of the meeting, the third “representative channel”, which is also the last “representative channel” of this year’s two sessions, opened.

“If you want to do something better, love alone is not enough, hard work and hard work are essential.” Ren Ziwei, a representative of the National People’s Congress and an athlete of the Chinese men’s short track speed skating team, won two awards for my country in the Winter Olympics. gold medal. Many people who are familiar with Ren Ziwei like to call him “Elephant”. Ren Ziwei said that it is very difficult for an elephant to lie down, and there is no such thing as “lying down” in his life. “From the Winter Olympics to the Great Hall of the People, I once again feel the responsibility and mission on my shoulders. Life requires dreams, goals, persistence and continuous self-breakthrough.” Ren Ziwei said that he will continue to wear the national flag to highlight China’s short history The sharp knife spirit of the speed skating team on ice inspires more people to participate in ice sports and exert their own light and heat to build a sports power.

Caption:Ren Ziwei, deputy to the National People’s Congress and athlete of the Chinese men’s short track speed skating team, was interviewed.Xinhua News Agency map

“A good technology can not only benefit thousands of farmers, but also benefit the soil, environment and ecology.” Fujian Province is a pioneer province of ecological civilization and the birthplace of science and technology commissioners. As a science and technology commissioner, Liao Hong, a representative of the National People’s Congress and a professor of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, introduced that in 2016, she joined the team of science and technology commissioners and led the team members to travel to large and small tea producing areas in Fujian Province, collecting and analyzing Tens of thousands of tea samples and tea garden soil samples. The team established a set of green cultivation techniques for tea trees, and established a high-quality and efficient ecological tea garden demonstration base of more than 10,000 mu in Fujian Province. In the process, more than 1,000 grass-roots agricultural technicians and more than 2,000 tea farmers have been trained. In recent years, Liao Hong’s team has also cooperated with “soil experts” and “Tian Xiucai” in other fields, not only established a tea tree green cultivation technology commissioner team, but also established a Pinghe honey pomelo quality and efficiency improvement team, and Sichuan blood orange quality leap team. “Let’s join hands to show farmers more innovative technologies in agricultural science and technology, lead farmers to work, and lead farmers to earn money.” Liao Hong said.

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“As port industry workers in the new era, we will be down-to-earth, implement high-quality development requirements with practical actions, and have the confidence to build the port smarter and greener, and build the motherland stronger.” National People’s Congress Representative, Tianjin Port No. 1 Cheng Weidong, deputy captain of the tractor team of Port Co., Ltd., said that ports are a barometer of the economy. Among the top ten ports in the world, eight are in China. We lead the world in many fields such as port capacity, efficiency, and automation. Chinese-style modernization is inseparable from the modernization of industrial workers.

Chen Tianzhu, deputy to the National People’s Congress and deputy editor-in-chief of the Reader Magazine of the Reader Publishing Group, introduced the story of her two-year correspondence with the reader Xiao Yu. She said that reading subtly affects herself and those around her. Xiaoyu’s story allowed her to witness that reading is like a trickle, moistening things silently, which not only enlightens wisdom and wisdom, but also brings people strong spiritual power. It also gave her a deeper understanding of the value and mission of editing as a profession. Chen Tianzhu said that he will always focus on the simplest and richest, the most simple and the most profound world of words, so that more people can feel the power of words and reading.

“If the Chinese civilization is likened to a big tree that keeps growing, the trunk is thick and strong because its roots are deep and firm. This is one of the outstanding advantages of our Chinese nation, and it is our profound Cultural soft power.” Yang Chaoming, a representative of the National People’s Congress and a distinguished professor of the Advanced Institute of Confucianism at Shandong University, said that as a scholar engaged in the study of traditional Chinese culture, he participated in and witnessed the inheritance and development of excellent traditional culture. In the future, we will better perform our duties and responsibilities, and better promote the excellent traditional Chinese culture through research work.

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Feng Dan, a deputy to the National People’s Congress and a professor at Huazhong University of Science and Technology, said that she has witnessed and participated in the development of China’s storage technology and products from scratch, from existence to completeness, and from weak to strong, and deeply understands that only by relying on technology and self-reliance can we win the future. She and her team are establishing joint laboratories with many leading domestic companies to jointly develop next-generation memory with faster speed and lower energy consumption, and strive to fundamentally solve the problem of “stuck neck” of domestic memory chips.

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