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Renewal of Gibson Shougang’s second foreign aid emerges

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Renewal of Gibson Shougang’s second foreign aid surfaced

The Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned yesterday that if all goes well, the Shougang team is likely to renew the foreign aid Gibson, who played for the team last season. At the same time, the Shougang team has been intending to renew the contract with the internal and foreign aid Hamilton, who has played for the team for four seasons, but due to the reasons of the big Han family, there is no clear news on this matter.

In order to further enhance the team’s strength and combat effectiveness, the Shougang team has its own plans for foreign aid after the end of last season. They hoped to form a foreign aid team at the earliest. Jeremy Lin is the core and leader of this foreign aid team. Since then, due to the lack of clear answers by the league company regarding whether or not to use foreign aid in the new season, and how to use foreign aid and other related policies, this has largely affected the process of the introduction of foreign aid for the Shougang team. At the same time, compared with last season, the foreign aid salary cap stipulated by the league has been greatly reduced, which once again increased the difficulty of signing the Shougang team. But even so, the Shougang team is still actively looking for foreign aid suitable for the team system and cost-effective through multiple channels.

The Shougang team reached a signing agreement with Jeremy Lin very early, but unfortunately, Jeremy Lin had contracted the new crown virus during his arrival in China and experienced a longer recovery period, which adversely affected him and delayed it. When he played for the Shougang team again. However, Jeremy Lin is currently gradually recovering, and he looks forward to playing in the second stage.

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The Shougang team has also been actively renewing Hamilton. Hamilton has played for the Shougang team for four seasons. Although he is not the top insider and foreign player in the league, he has his own game characteristics. Especially his professional attitude has always been affirmed and trusted by the team. In addition, Dahan and the Shougang team have had four seasons of running-in before, and they have produced enough chemical reactions. These are the aspects that the Shougang team values. However, due to the family’s reasons, he is currently unable to give a clear answer on the contract renewal matter. However, the Shougang team has not given up its efforts to renew the contract.

At the same time, the Shougang team used the foreign aid priority renewal rights for the guards Gibson and generalist McCree who played for the team last season, which shows the team’s desire to hold hands with them again. The Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned that if all goes well, the Shougang team is likely to renew the contract with Gibson. Objectively speaking, the current league has ended the first stage, and there are only 38 rounds in the regular season, which makes the team’s fault tolerance rate very low. In this case, it is obviously a more sensible choice to use the familiar without the new. On the whole, the renewal of Gibson is a more appropriate choice for the Shougang team under the current situation.

In addition, the Shougang team also wanted to renew McCree before. Since McCree arrived late in the team last season, the number of games and time he played in the back was relatively limited, but even so, McCree still demonstrated his unique value. In the playoffs with the Guangdong team, McCree almost almost Just play the role of a superhero. This is also an important reason why the Shougang team wants to renew his contract. But after the end of last season, McCree joined the French League. Whether he can cooperate with the Shougang team again in the future depends on fate.

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Source: Beijing Youth Daily


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