Home Sports Retorbido-Montebello the game of the year The hosts are on the run

Retorbido-Montebello the game of the year The hosts are on the run

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Retorbido-Montebello the game of the year The hosts are on the run


A small but valuable advantage. Montebello won by measure (1-0) the first round of the second category salvation play outs with Retorbido. In the return match, on the Retorbido field, the fates of the two teams from overseas will be decided. At Montebello, there is the awareness that the verdict has yet to be written: «The first leg victory is important, but we know that it is only the first half. At home, we tried to play, thanks also to our field which allows us to do so against an opponent who defended himself well and closed all the spaces for us. In Retorbido, it will be a different game, in a smaller field, where there will be a lot of competition and aggression, we will have to be good at adapting to the context. By virtue of the result of the first leg, we can be more wait-and-see, while the Retorbido will have to try to do more in the game », explains the Montebello coach, Paolo Barbieri.

The knockout of the first leg will force the Retorbido to win, even with a goal difference, to grab salvation. The Reto coach, Cesare Mazza, suspended until 6 June, keeps hope alive: «There is so much regret for the first leg, because we have given very little to Montebello. Now we have to recover all our energy to try to win the second leg. You will need calm, tranquility and above all what we call the “Reto heart”, that desire to fight that has always been our extra weapon “. Mister Mazza outside his discontent for the epilogue of this season in refereeing terms: “In the last championship match in Corteolona, ​​we were given a penalty against in the 90 ‘, which was out of the area by two meters and on that occasion I was disqualified. Too bad because we would have been saved with the draw. Surely we will also have demerits if we find ourselves in this situation, but I also want to point out that at the level of refereeing decisions, we were not too lucky ». –

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