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Reversal of Zhejiang Women’s Basketball Team with 5 wins and 4 wins in Wuhan Shengfan creates the best start of the season|Wuhan City

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Original title: Reversal of Zhejiang Women’s Basketball Team, 5 wins and 4 wins, Wuhan Shengfan Chuang’s best season start Source: Qingtong perspective

(Reporter Guo Xiaoming, Correspondent Wang Fan) What should I do if the strength is close? Fight defense! On November 24, in the fifth round of the WCBA in the 2021-22 season with the Zhejiang Women’s Basketball Team, Wuhan Shengfan team fought stubbornly against the disadvantage of 9 points behind in the first quarter, reversing the defense and defeating Zhejiang 71 to 64. Achieved the best season start result of 4 wins and 1 loss.

Compared with the Daqing, Fujian, and Shaanxi teams that Wuhan Shengfan had previously defeated, the Zhejiang Women’s Basketball team was the runner-up in the WCBA. The team also included Wan Jiyuan, who represented China in the three-player basketball match at the Tokyo Olympics, and won the third place last year. Eight of them made it to the playoffs in one fell swoop. Although Wuhan Shengfan’s strength has greatly increased this season, before this campaign, both sides had a record of 3 wins and 1 loss, which is absolutely difficult to deal with.

Sure enough, Wuhan Shengfan, who was habitually slow in the first quarter, suffered a loss. After the opening 9-9, the Zhejiang team suddenly exerted their strength and played a 9-0 spurt in 3 minutes, leading by 18-9 in a single quarter by 9 points. Wuhan Shengfan did not back down. At the beginning of the second quarter, he also returned a 9-0, 18 tie with his opponent in almost the same amount of time. Wuhan Shengfan head coach Li Jianxin said after the game: “We were slow in the first five rounds. This is related to our thinking and lack of psychological preparation. But today we changed a little bit and brought out our offensive advantage in the second quarter.”

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Since then, the morale of the team has been greatly strengthened, and the defensive intensity has also increased rapidly. In the second quarter, it entered the second half with a 27-15 overtake and entered the second half. At the same time, the opponent’s offensive performance was greatly lost with a tenacious defense, and the key was finally won by 71 to 64. The battle, this is also the team’s first victory in the history of the Zhejiang Women’s Basketball. The Zhejiang team, which has always had a stable shooting rate, was completely defensive by the Wuhan team. The shooting rate dropped to 38.2%, the three-point shooting rate was only 25%, and the free throw shooting rate dropped to 53.3%, both of which were the lowest in the season. Li Jianxin is very satisfied with the team’s defense: “Today the most important thing for the team is to have a strong defensive execution ability and not give the opponent long shots. We ask for quick and clear replacements, and we would rather miss the inside line. Shooting from outside. This is very resolute, allowing opponents to only 4 of 16 three-pointers.”

After 5 rounds, Wuhan Shengfan Women’s Basketball ranked seventh in the standings with 4 wins and 1 loss, and the performance was quite gratifying. On the 26th, the team will usher in a fierce battle against the Shanxi women’s basketball team, which has maintained a complete victory so far. Li Jianxin said that it is still necessary to play a fighting spirit based on defense: “I hope we will continue to carry forward the tenacious style of’vigorous and anti-rushing’ to fight in the subsequent games.”

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