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Rhythmic gymnastics, Sofia Raffaeli: ‘As an adult I am more ambitious’

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Rhythmic gymnastics, Sofia Raffaeli: ‘As an adult I am more ambitious’

After the bronze medal in the circle, the two victories in the general competitions of the World Cup and the triumph at the Tricolor club, the individualist from the Marches tells about himself

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4 maggio
– Milano

From Folgaria to Folgaria. Ten months ago, at the Tricolori that closed the path to Tokyo 2021, Sofia Raffaeli tried to instill yet another doubt in the dt Emanuela Maccarani and convince her to take her to the Games, leaving home one of the two veterans, Alexandra Agiurgiuculese and Milena Baldassarri, on which the project had been built. She did not succeed, the choice had already been made, but the girl from Chiaravalle proved once more that her future belonged to her. Today, in the Final Six of the Tricolori di rhythmica (2 pm, live La 7), again in Folgaria, a different Sofia will return. She is now 18 years old, physically she too has grown up, she is more of a woman, and above all she is no longer the great hope. The bronze in the circle at the October World Cup in Japan and the two victories in the “general” in the World Cup have placed her in the international spotlight. The blue future towards Paris 2024 is on her shoulders less and less frail. You say that rhythm is expressing oneself. You are moving towards less “technical” judgments, which will reward more expressiveness.

Raffaeli, do you like this turning point?

Two World Cup victories, in Athens and Baku. The fruits are already visible.

“I am trying, even if in some exercises it is not easy. I hear the clubs a lot and also the hoop, because the music of this exercise, that of Cirque du Soleil, accompanied me to the free body when I was a child. I also like the others: July (Julieta Cantaluppi, the coach, ed.) Always finds details “.

Also plays the role of Cruella. How is she?

“Good. The music is fresh, young, and I like to play a girl who is bad on the one hand, but who has something good in her soul. This contrast attracts me ”.

What did the stages of the World Cup give you, apart from the victories?

“In every race there was something good, you always learn. In Greece I had a good race, it was the first one that saw me working on all four tools and not having lost any of them was a small milestone. In Sofia I held up well in the all-around and in the specialty finals I increased the difficulties, in Baku in the circle I achieved a really high score “.

How do you feel as an adult?

“Turning 18 made me think. I told myself it would be a day like any other but then I felt that I had everything in my hands. The responsibility no longer lies with the parents or the coach. Nice, but it’s also a little scary, I’m not that used to it. In any case, sport certainly helps ”.

“Yes, I feel it a lot more. In 2021 I still didn’t understand how important these international competitions were, now I feel grown in my head. And I try not to lose concentration after making a mistake ”.

Will he go to university?

“Yes, but I haven’t decided yet which one. I like science subjects, but maybe it’s too difficult to reconcile study with sport. Maybe I’ll do Sports Science. But now I have to prepare for my high school diploma “.

“In the evening when I am not training, from 6 to 8 pm. During the races, however, I am unable to connect and so I do it alone. The professors pass me the notes, they are very collaborative “.

Beyond sports and school, do you have time for anything else?

“Little. When I can rest, I recover from travel. I have a very busy life. I am 5 days a week in Fabriano at the home of an executive, Maila Morosin. Saturday and Sunday I go home. Cooked? No, luckily my brother will take care of it ”.

What does an individualist like her feel when she sees Butterflies?

“I really like their new exercises, they are original. I always follow them with a lot of passion. But I am an individualist, period. I’ve always competed in team competitions, but I like more to be alone on the platform, to feel that people are only looking at you ”.

There is a lack of Russian and Belarusian, Ukrainians are less present. How was your sport at the time of the war?

However, her scores do not say that she is “less good”. What are you aiming for?

“For 2022 I hope to participate in the European Championships and give my best. The big goal, however, is the Paris Games ”.

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