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Righteousness!Hebei team coach Jin Zhongfu has arrived in China on the 18th and is willing to fight the team to the end.

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Original title: Righteousness!Hebei team coach Jin Zhongfu has arrived in China on the 18th and is willing to fight the team to the end

Reported by Cheng Shan, a reporter from the Football News South Korean media SPOTVnews reported that Kim Jong-fu, the Korean coach of the Chinese Super League Hebei team, and his coaching staff had already set off on the 18th and arrived in Guangzhou, China, and began to isolate. According to this paper, during the Korean vacation, Kim Jong-fu already knew the difficulties the Hebei team was facing, and still resolutely returned to China, willing to fight the Hebei team to the last minute.

In August of this year, after the end of the first stage of the Chinese Super League, Kim Jong-fu and his team members returned to South Korea for vacation, waiting for the start of the second stage of the Chinese Super League. Because the situation of the Hebei team became more and more difficult during this period, and it was facing dissolution, the time of Jin Zhongfu’s return to the team has not been determined.

Now, as the time for the start of the Super League is approaching, Kim Jong-fu has finally embarked on a flight back to China. In an interview with South Korean media, Kim Jong-fu said: “As currently reported by various domestic media in China, the Hebei team and most other Chinese Super League clubs have encountered financial difficulties. But in the case of financial difficulties, including the entire club. The employees are working hard to save the team. Therefore, I believe that the team will not be disbanded.”

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In an interview, Kim Jong-fu said: “Although there are rumors that the schedule of the Super League in December is not clear, in order to always believe in the coaching staff and waiting for the coaching staff to return to the team and team staff, we will meet with the team as soon as possible for the second half of the Super League. Prepare. Especially young players who have performed beyond expectations this season. They are all waiting for the return of our coaching staff, and they are doing their best to train.” This year, as the main players of the team have left one after another, Kim Jong-fu boldly used it. Many young players have received good results, including Zhang Wei, Zhang Hui, Mo Xuchen and other young players who performed impressively. The Hebei team also successfully broke into the Chinese Super League championship group.

Kim Jong-fu said to the South Korean media: “Our coaching staff will go to the end with the Hebei team. I will face up with the fans who are cheering for Hebei, all the staff who are fighting alone for the normal operation of the team, and the players who are still doing personal training at home. Overcome these difficulties。”Return to Sohu to see more


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