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Riso Scotti and Elachem, it is forbidden to make a mistake in the hunt for the two points to stay on top

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Pavia away to Cecina, Vigevano at Basletta against Unicusano Livorno: both are called to redeem


Riso Scotti and Elachem Vigevano want to restart immediately after the defeats suffered against San Miniato and Legnano.

Tuscan exam for Pavia

Pavia appears on the parquet of the Tuscan team (ball at two hours 18) with only one result: to win. The Pavesi are returning from two consecutive defeats, the first difficult moment of the season. «Precisely for this reason, before starting the first training session of the week, the players and I talked – explains coach Fabio Di Bella – we confronted each other because the team fell apart in the last two games (derby and San Miniato). The problems had to be addressed in order to be able to solve them immediately. I had great willingness on the part of all the players to recover from this difficult moment that I could honestly expect but later in the season, given the type of preparation set up and the intensity that has been put in place. Not bad, however, because there is time to recover. It is clear that from the match in Cecina I have a great desire to win and find the feeling with the team and above all the team must find the feeling within the match. This is what we must find and make ours. Everyone trained well, with determination and enthusiasm. The team knows that Pavia is watching us and supporting us, we need to find victory by entering the field immediately with the best possible attitude, without drops ».

If Scotti wants to have ambitions, she cannot hide. «We must field the best version of ourselves – underlines coach Di Bella – we must have the pride of doing well. Cecina is a Tuscan, who attacks, puts pressure, so we will have to give our best ».

Vigevano wants to turn the page

After last Saturday’s defeat in Legnano, Elachem Vigevano returns to PalaBasletta against Unicusano Pielle Livorno. The ducals want the 2 points, after the bad external slip. «We are playing against a team that has not been lucky so far, as demonstrated by the fact that at the beginning of the season they lost the first three games always by one or two points – underlines coach Paolo Piazza -. In the last few games he has made up for it with a lot of will and has also included a quality player like Campori, who is a young guard. They are an experienced team that, in full ranks, has nothing to envy to the very first of the championship. They have a playmaker like Drocker and they let a young man like Paoli play a little by choice, a little by necessity, but in the Livorno roster there are also talented outsiders with points in their hands. We do not know who will play, also given the problems with the infirmary they have had. To keep an eye on will be Salvadori who has many Serie B championships behind him. And they also have a quality player like Lenti. We know that our opponents can apply a defense across the board, but also in the area and technically they are able to propose various solutions ».

Vigevano prepared herself carefully and Piazza himself played the charge: «We have to go back to playing good basketball – he warns – not like we did in Legnano. Only in this way will we have a better chance of winning and recovering as a team. A point in favor is to return to play at Palabasletta, a field that is not easily conquered ». Today the ticket office of the Vigevano stadium will be open from 5 pm until the start of the game: the seat will be assigned automatically and it will not be possible to choose it. The purchase is reserved for Green pass holders and the ticket will be nominal. –

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