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Riso Scotti, coach Mazzetti has clear ideas: “Tough team, we will be the surprise of the group”

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Riso Scotti, coach Mazzetti has clear ideas: “Tough team, we will be the surprise of the group”

Basketball Serie B. The new coach from Pavia after the completion of the roster: “Eclectic seniors chosen and motivated young people, we will annoy you”

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Riso Scotti completed the roster. With the confirmation of Misha Lebediev and the arrival of the other under Mazzotti, Pavia now has eleven players, six senior and five under.

Mazzetti’s priorities

“We want to become the surprise of group A – explains coach Alberto Mazzetti – I’m not talking about salvation or reaching the top ten teams, I’m aiming for a championship in which going beyond expectations must be our goal”. Scotti, although starting on the market with an inevitable delay, due to corporate problems, believes that it has more or less achieved its objectives. «The team has been completed with young people who will allow us to train well during the season – underlines Mazzetti – having six seniors and not seven was a choice shared by the management. We took one less senior with the conviction that the rest of the team can make up for this lack and if it doesn’t work there is always room in the squad for a possible subrogation during the current season ».

Pavia is a team where everyone should be able to keep the pitch, unlike what happened last season. «I asked the club to give great importance to training – underlines the coach from Varese – if we have a good attitude to work, reliability during the weekly sessions and a good confidence between us, then we will have put in three important bricks for the matches. For example, Mazzotti comes from a club promoted to Serie A where he has always worked well, a guarantee for our daily training. Without neglecting the fact that he will come to Pavia determined to demonstrate that he can stand the comparison and that he, like the others, will try to earn time in the game, increasing the competition and therefore raising the quality of the work ». All the players who arrived in Pavia were also chosen because it is believed that they want to prove what they are worth. «This was also a precise choice – confirms Mazzetti – we wanted players arriving from other groups and with the desire to establish themselves in the historically more competitive Northern groups, together with young people eager to demonstrate that they know how to hold important stages. We also wanted eclectic players, able to play in multiple roles, starting with the all-around Bedini who will start from the bench but who can change exteriors and interiors. Coviello plays more front than back to the basket, while Potì is good both behind and in front of the basket. Physically Abega can handle both the role of guard and small forward. We have taken young people who come to Pavia to grow up, following the example of Calzavara last season “.—

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