Home Sports Riso Scotti, Di Bella takes the blame: «Third knockout in a row, that’s wrong. I apologize to our fans “

Riso Scotti, Di Bella takes the blame: «Third knockout in a row, that’s wrong. I apologize to our fans “

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CEO Caserio: «We can still get back on top of the ranking. Renewed trust in the coach, he will get us out of this situation “

after the race

Riso Scotti tries in the second half, but it’s not enough. «It seemed to me, from a psychological point of view, to have seen the boys ready – comments the coach of Pavia, Fabio Di Bella – For an important match that should have given us indications on our individual value and not just as a team. Today the beautiful setting of the public has not been compensated properly. I apologize. It became clear after three minutes of the game that, instead of being a cynical and hungry team, we were a little dull. I take responsibility for not having given enough incentives to the boys: this is a game that had to be played in a physical way, rather than in a technical way. We have to assert our strengths and today we have not been able to do so. It is a short and compressed ranking, the championship is still long. We played three games against the three in front of us in the ranking and we lost them: they overtook us even clearly from the point of view of the basketball played, for now they are above us. We needed a reaction after the derby, without needing to say it: I tried to be more serene at the beginning so as not to put too much pressure on the boys, then in the end I too had to lose my voice. It was a negative match, the important thing is that you learn from mistakes and don’t get rid of them. We must restore enthusiasm to the people of Pavia, I am ready to fight as always ».

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The sole administrator of the Pavia team, Emanuele Caserio, was also disappointed. «The feeling is one of profound disappointment – he explains – It was said that the calendar would give us an opportunity and we did not take advantage of it, thanks also to the opponents who played their game. We are in the eighth of the championship, the race is still very long, but some signs, such as the third defeat in head-to-head matches, are not positive. The company’s intention remains to have a top championship, without setting limits. If these results are symptoms of something wrong, society will be vigilant to ensure that the limits that have emerged today are no longer there. I’m so sorry, I apologize for today, also because there was a frame of public that deserved a worthy show. The disappointment is also for this, not only for the defeat. To say that we are overrated is not fair: we can say that today we are not fluid, we are working to fix the negative sides. Our coach has shown that he knows how to get out of situations worse than this and I am convinced that he will be able to get out of this too. We don’t have an identity yet. Now in the two matches in Tuscany we hope to find our game and our leaders again ».fabio sacchi

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