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Riso Scotti Punto Edile, the shirts auctioned for charity

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Sale today from 2pm. Minimum prices: tank tops 50 euros, shorts 30. All the proceeds from the Croce Verde Pavese

PAVIA. The last act of the Riso Scotti Punto Edile season is the online auction of uniforms only in the blue version. The auction will start on Saturday 5th and end on Sunday 6th, with the proceeds donated to charity. Last year the auction was a success, with jerseys and shorts that were also purchased in different areas of Italy, not only in Pavia. The proceeds will be entirely donated to Croce Verde Pavese.

«The auction – explains the communications officer Paolo Rappoccio – will be inaugurated at 2 pm on Saturday and will remain open until 9 pm on Sunday on the Omnia basket Facebook page. We report two new rules compared to last year’s edition. The first is that the auction base will no longer be free like last summer, but will start from 50 euros for the shirt and 30 euros for the shorts, with a minimum raise of five euros. The second is that the jerseys and shorts must be collected at the company headquarters at the times indicated below as nothing will be sent home “.

On Sunday evening, once the auction is over, the Pavia-based company will communicate to the winners the number of the current account on which to pay the established amount and will give a certain amount of time, presumably four or five days, to make the payment.

A curiosity: last year the jerseys that attracted the attention of fans the most were those that belonged to Mattia Venucci, Filippo Fazioli and captain Nicolò Benedusi. It will be interesting to see who will belong to the uniforms most disputed by the fans tomorrow evening, considering that none of the three players of last year played in Pavia this year, although it is easy to predict that the jerseys of Andrea Piazza and Ferdinando Nasello, two favorites of the audience of this season, will be the most requested. As for the field, the last player to leave Pavia was Ferdinando Nasello, who stayed a few more days to take care of the various physical problems of the season finale at Fisiosport. For the rest, contacts between the sole director Gianni Perruchon and the various sponsors will begin shortly to see if they can sign the contracts for next season, starting with the most important, Dario Scotti. The only training sessions planned are those of young people who could be invited to Pavia to try out for a possible future engagement. –

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