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Rivarolese, it all happens in 9 minutes A goal on each side, then Fonsato arrives

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Celano scores in the 39th minute, the Barcanova draw at the end, but it’s a great party in full recovery


In full recovery, the eighteen-year-old Marco Fonsato found the winning goal of Rivarolese 1906 with a splendid low shot, after a personal initiative, setting the score at 2 to 1 in the debut match of the Group B promotion championship on the Turin synthetic via Occimiano against Barcanova football.

Deserved success, which could have come even with a greater gap, but risked fading in extremis. From the first half he put pressure on the home rearguard, with valuable scoring chances. But there was a lack of the nastiness necessary in the moment of concluding on the net. In the first fraction big opportunities, for Reano, Parla and Rizzuto.

The match was decided in 9 minutes: from 39 ‘of the second half to the third minute of added time, of the six assigned by the referee when the three goals of the match were scored. The first advantage of Rivarolese, arrived on the development of a free-kick achieved by Simone Celano, who repeats himself after the scoring in the Italian Cup against Turin. The goal is very similar to the previous Sunday: he is good at putting the home goalkeeper Crovagna’s rejection into the goal. Match seems to go the right way for Gianmarco Stefanetto’s boys who find themselves ahead by a goal but also by a man more: the referee sends the Barcanova captain Lorenzo Migliardi to the shower prematurely for excessive protests.

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But when the ninetieth is about to start the Canavese rearguard hesitates and on the development of a corner kick the long ball is put back in the middle of the area and the new entry Cozzolino is all alone for the winning deviation.

Immediately after comes the network that decides the match: the action develops on the right front of the attack of the Rivarolese and Fonsato is good at projecting himself towards the opponent’s area. Overcome two defenders and from a tight angle starts a shot on the far post that leaves no way out at the far end of the Barcanova for the final 2-1. –

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