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Robbery at Di Maria’s house in Turin: the police foil the blow, an arrest

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Robbery at Di Maria’s house in Turin: the police foil the blow, an arrest

The Argentine was in his villa in Turin with his partner when the robbers tried to break in. When the alarm went off, the police intervened and arrested one of the criminals

Fabiana Della Valle – Marco Guidi

The old nightmare has materialized again, although fortunately the police intervened in time. Angel Di Maria and his family experienced moments of terror last night in the Turin villa, when someone tried to break into their property. The nightmare did not last long, but it brought back to the memory of the Argentine what had happened a few years ago in Paris, when he suffered an attempted robbery. That time the Fideo was in the field with the PSG while his wife and daughters were at home and suffered the shock of being kidnapped by criminals. Yesterday, however, the Juventus player was inside his home together with teammate and neighbor Dusan Vlahovic, who has recently moved from the center to a quieter area, in the pre-hill, where Bentancur and Ramsey. The robbery attempt was nipped in the bud, but it was nevertheless an evening of turmoil and fears for the two Juventus players and those around them.

the fact

According to the reconstruction provided by the police, a gang made up of three criminals attempted to break into the villa in the Gran Madre area around 7.30 pm (the same as the famous and highly armored villa of Cristiano Ronaldo) while Di Maria was at home with Vlahovic and with the family. The alarm was given by the private security, which from the security cameras had noticed someone who was trying to enter the property. One of the bandits was chased and arrested by police officers in a car in Via Del Carretto, under the eyes of several witnesses. His accomplices, on the other hand, managed to escape but empty-handed. According to an initial check, they are not local criminals, but a gang specializing in thefts and robberies in villas. The Turin Police Headquarters made it known that in the area the controls of the police against robbery attempts had already been strengthened, following the latest cases recorded in the area. It is not the first time that it happens to a player in Turin. In Dybala, who had recently chosen to live in the hills, the thieves had visited during a Champions League away game, taking away some watches. Marchisio, on the other hand, was kidnapped in Vinovo together with his wife.

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Neighbors of the villa

Vlahovic and Di Maria were together because they are neighbors. In the luxurious complex there is a semi-detached villa where two other Juventus players previously lived, Aaron Ramsey and Rodrigo Bentancur, and which is now shared by the Argentine and the Serbian. Dusan is much more reserved, while the Di Maria family often posts photos in the villa, especially in the garden, between dips and barbecues. The Casa del Fideo was inaugurated this summer, when his wife and daughters were still on vacation, and Angel threw a poolside party with teammates old and new, from Dybala (who at that time had not yet married into Rome). and he was training alone in Turin) in Pogba.

The neighbors’ tale

According to the testimonies of those who live near the complex, shots were also heard, which frightened the neighbors, prompting several people to leave the house to understand what was happening. However, it does not appear that it was the criminals who opened fire, but the surveillance guards in an attempt to put the criminals to flight. The shots fired in the air would have led the three to escape, using the surrounding gardens as an escape route. Two, at least for the moment, went well, while the third was then stopped by the police. A neighbor of the two players said he found a gun in front of the house, probably abandoned or lost by the criminals in the excitement of the escape. The criminals had managed to climb over and enter the garden of the villa but fled when they heard the sirens of the police. The nightmare did not last long, but the fear for Vlahovic and Di Maria remains.

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