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Robbio recites the seventh but to bend Corsico is a struggle to the siren

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Zanotti’s team dominates, then freezes and the airons in the first round get a hit in the sprint En plein of successes


Seven out of seven for Fluidotecnica Robbio who at Pala Cantone beat Arcadis Corsico 71-68 at the end of a game with a thousand faces: the Aironi in fact started well, dominating the race for a long time, then in the third quarter they had a collapse that it allowed Corsico to recover from -14 and get back in a draw until the final frantic point-to-point in which the hosts had the best while maintaining the record as unbeaten in the Yellow-2 group of C silver.

Final point to point

A race that, as mentioned, in the first half seemed to be downhill for the Aironi, able to immediately put their heads forward and to lead with tranquility up to the long interval, with the first half closed at +11 (47-36).

Upon returning from the locker rooms, the situation did not change and the Aironi reached +14 at the start of the third period, which seemed like an assurance on the final victory, but at that point the unexpected happened: Fluidotecnica blocked, not being able to anymore. to score and allowing Corsico to recover all the disadvantage, nibbling minute after minute the points of delay and impacting 56-56 at the end of the third period.

A bad awakening for the boys of coach Pier Zanotti who in the last quarter had to sweat to get the best of the Milanese at the end of a fraction played point to point, with Corsico who in the final scared the Aironi, but without being able to place the decisive paw. At the final siren he is 71-68 with Pozzi best scorer among the clubs with 17 points on the scoresheet, while in double figures also Tardito with 16 points and Grugnetti with 14 went.

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The sweaty victory allows the Aironi to close the first round at the top of the standings with full points with seven wins out of as many games played. Next Friday we will start again from the provincial derby against Olympia which will be played at the PalaOltrepo in Voghera. Tonight (18.30), Edimes Sanmaurense Pavia faces away the Settimo Milanese determined to overcome the bad moment.

Yellow Group 2 (7th day): Olympia Voghera-Legnano 38-86; Robbio-Corsico 71-68; Cerro Maggiore-Sedriano (today at 6pm); Settimo-Sanmaurense Pavia (today at 18.30). Ranking: Robbio points 14; Cerro Maggiore and Settimo Milabese 8; Edimes Sanmaurense Pavia, Legnano and Sedriano 6; Corsico 4; Olympia Voghera 0. –

Alberto Colli Franzone

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