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ROG co-branded Nyjah Huston to launch cross-circle trendy products: lock in the annual TOP scarce trendy products in advance – yqqlm

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ROG co-branded Nyjah Huston to launch cross-circle trendy products: lock in the annual TOP scarce trendy products in advance – yqqlm

Original title: ROG co-branded Nyjah Huston to launch cross-circle trendy products: lock in the annual TOP scarce trendy products in advance

When it comes to the ROG player country, I believe that many of my friends, like me, will have many hardware and peripherals full of faith and cool elements in their minds. Indeed, as the world‘s top e-sports brand, ROG Gamers has always been regarded as “belief” by many players and technology geeks with its hard-core products, eclectic styles and innovative ideas, and its products are often It was labeled as a “rare e-sports trendy item”. Recently, the ROG player country has joined hands with Nyjah Huston, known as the “skateboard robot”, to launch a joint custom-made trendy skateboard, which has ignited the enthusiasm of countless extreme sports and e-sports enthusiasts for a while, and the hot attention is unprecedented.

ROG x Nyjah Huston Cross-Circle Co-branded

As a superstar in the extreme sports circle, Nyjah Huston not only relied on his super personal ability, he has won many achievements in various professional leagues, and has won the reputation of “pole king” and “skateboard robot”. Cool images are often a topic of conversation, and are highly sought after by fashionistas. From this, it is not difficult to see that ROG and Nyjah Huston have achieved cross-circle cooperation, which is a perfect match.

Customized details are full, and the limited code is eye-catching

It is understood that the skateboard co-created by ROG and Nyjah Huston has many bright details. Specifically, the custom skateboard was handcrafted by legendary skateboard producer Paul Schmitt, known as a “skateboard scientist”. With 30 years of skateboard design experience, he has created countless high-quality goodies for super cool people. It has always been committed to creating the highest quality and most durable skateboards, which is especially in line with ROG’s concept of exploring the ultimate, which is enough to see ROG’s infinite pursuit of products.

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In addition, from the appearance design, we can also see a lot of bright spots. The customized skateboard adopts a unique pure purple matte surface, and the texture of the wooden vertical grain is simple and simple. The “simplistic” visual sense is very cool. In addition, by carefully observing the board surface of the skateboard, we can also find that Nyjah Huston’s signature and the custom motto are engraved on it, and there is also a string of identification codes similar to the custom code below, which fully demonstrates the unique attributes of the custom skateboard , I believe that will also become the 2022 annual TOP scarce tide.

Many cross-circle joint names have caused a sensation, satisfying the personalized pursuit of young users

In fact, this is not the ROG cross-circle joint name that caused a sensation. For example, ROG cooperated with ACRONMY, a functional fashion clothing brand, and launched the limited edition of ROG Magic 14 X ACRNM, including the light display matrix screen on the A side of the fuselage, Many unique visual features can be seen in many aspects such as keyboard and keycaps, which look quite individual and trendy, and the avant-garde and cool atmosphere is blowing head-on. In addition, there is also the ROG Magic 14 Alan Walker Collector’s Edition laptop jointly launched with the “Godfather of Electronic Music” Alan Walker, which gives the Magic series more play elements, integrating technology and music, full of personalization, and the same harvest. favored by many young user groups.

In May of this year, at the ROG 2022 “Special Mission: Finding the Number One Player” new product launch conference, ROG Country of Players and EVA Neon Genesis Evangelion Dream collaborated to launch a complete set of ROG x EVA co-branded e-sports for players The whole family bucket, many of which include co-branded products such as motherboards, graphics cards, chassis, gaming monitors, and routers, are full of customized elements, which greatly satisfies the pursuit of personalized aesthetics by young users.

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As the world‘s leading e-sports brand, ROG Player Country has indeed brought many surprises in cross-circle co-branding. Just like ROG’s slogan “For Those Who Dare”, for players who dare to innovate and take risks, ROG Player Country always supports them with full enthusiasm, and continuously cooperates with “breaking circles” to meet the needs of young user groups for e-sports. The pursuit of the trend is committed to building a technology brand that is more popular with users.Return to Sohu, see more


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