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Roland Garros, Djokovic and the mysterious patch on his chest. A Venetian company: “It’s a laser”

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Roland Garros, Djokovic and the mysterious patch on his chest.  A Venetian company: “It’s a laser”

A year ago there was the yellow of the inhalation vial a Wimbledon. Now however the mystery it’s about a strange band-aid that Novak Djokovic he showed on his chest during the Roland Garros underway in Paris. The patch, clearly visible for example when the Serbian is changed the shirt during the round of 16 then won on Sunday against the Peruvian John Paul Varillas, seems to hide a sort of button. Someone had speculated to be a magnet al neodymiumamong the most powerful in the world: in the medical field, according to who produces or uses it, it can help, for example, to reduce the consequences of hematomas or other injuries, but also to reduce it stress. However, there is a company from Veneto that on its website attributes the paternity of the strange object on Djokovic’s chest: it is the Tao Technologies srls.

The press release of the company is present on the website and was published last June 1, after Djokovic had spoken of the patch on his chest following the match he won against Marton Fucsovics (second round) when he had only explained that he wanted to emulate Iron Man and had added: “My team brought me one nanotechnology incredibly efficient to help me give my best on the pitch.” “The nanotechnology in question is Taopatch® SPORT and we at Tao Technologies could not be more honored,” reads the release. What is it about? “Nourish the body with wavelengths Of therapeutic light, without side effects or the release of any chemicals. Wearable every day, it feeds itself with the light of the sole and with the body heat guaranteeing 720-hour treatments every month”, writes the Venetian company that produces it.

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The CEO of Tao Technologies is Fabio Fontanathe medical director is Dr Albert Lomeo. According to Corriere della Serathe company matters 14 employees and mentions the cyclist among the athletes who use the device Andrea Pasqualonthe triathlete Sofia Tense and the volleyball team Giorgione Volleyball of Castelfranco Veneto, which plays in Serie B1. There would be no agreement with Djokovic instead, at least according to the statements of the same CEO Fontana a The Gazette: “When I saw his photos at Roland Garros I realized that he too was using my device.” What does it cost, complete kit, approx 350 euro.

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