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Roller skier Curti beats everyone in Tambre. Among the women, Serafini from Treviso dominates

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Roller skier Curti beats everyone in Tambre.  Among the women, Serafini from Treviso dominates
The start of the short race (Photo by Tita Lorenza Fain)

Excellent return after two years of “Su e do par i troi”. In the shortest race reserved for young people, Quantin did well


The 2022 edition of “Su e do par i troi”, the non-competitive run proposed on Friday afternoon by the Tambre walkers, speaks from Bergamo. A return, as for many other events of this 2022, for the alpagota event which attracted several competitors (including the new mayor Sara Bona in the race) and which proposed a very good technical level.

Bergamo victory, it was said. The winner at the end of the 9 kilometers of the alpagoto track was in fact Luca Curti, blue of the roller skis, for some seasons bearer of the Treviso Ski club Orsago. 38’27 “the chronometric response for Curti who preceded a fierce trio of the Gs Quanti Alpenplus with, in order, the Longaronese Raffaele Teza, 35” behind, the Zoldo Filippo Votta (at the finish line a delay of 58 “) and the Alderico Tonin wins (fourth at 1’35 “).

The top five was completed by Gianipetro Barattin. Among the women, Silvia Serafini, from Treviso from Oderzo, lined up all of them. With her on the podium two alpagote athletes, respectively Giulia Titton and Ornella Bona. In addition to the 9-kilometer test, the “Su e do par i troi” race also offered a 5-kilometer course, with rankings reserved for the youth categories. Also in this case, the Quantin boys have stood out.

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Men’s 9 km absolute: 1. Luca Curti (Orsago ski club) 38.27; 2. Raffaele Teza (Quantin Alpenplus) 39.02; 3. Filippo Votta (Quantin Alpenplus) 39.25; 4. Alderico Tonin (Quantin Alpenplus) 40.02; 5. Gianpietro Barattin (Alpago Tornado Run) 40.04; 6. Enrico Bonati (Alpago Tornado Run) 40.53; 7. Nicolas De Lorenzi (Quantin Alpenplus) 43.31; 8. Stefano Olivier 43.49; 9. Daniel De Battista (Alpago Tornado Run) 44.04; 10. Daniele Veccia (Orsago ski club) 46.10.

9 km absolute female: 1. Silvia Serafini 50.41; 2. Giulia Titton (Alpago Tornado Run) 53.45; 3. Ornella Bona 53.38; 4. Michela Zanon (Alpago Tornado Run) 57.37; 5. Gaia Soccal 1h00.50.

5 km under 12 men: 1. Manolo Azzalini (La Piave 2000) 30.32; 2. Alex Dal Borgo 40.26; 3. Enrico Azzalini (La Piave 2000) 40.32.

5 km under 12 women: 1. Giulia Spinardi 54.51; 2. Margherita Bon 1h34.22; 3. Mariasole Bon 1h34.24.

5 km 12-14 years male: 1. Tommaso Gerardini (Quantin Alpenplus) 25.09; 2. GiacomoVotta (Quantin Alpenplus) 25.14; 3. Tommaso Furlan (Quantin Alpenplus) 26.16.

5 km 12-14 years female: 1. Moira Collazzuol (Quantin Alpenplus) 39.21; 2. Angelica Pajer (Quantin Alpenplus) 40.23; 3. Alice De Pasqual (Quantin Alpenplus) 40.24.

5 km 15-17 years male: 1. Giorgio Svalduz (Marchers Tambre) 25.58; 2. Massimo Dal Borgo (Marciatori Tambre) 28.02; 3. Renè Rinaldo (Walkers Tambre) 37.35.

5 km under 15-17 years female: 1. Mirta Gerardini (Quantin Alpenplus) 28.20; 2. Jessica Vettor (Quantin Alpenplus) 28.35; 3. Iris Bittoni 35.18.

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