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Roma-Ajax (3-0) – Scattered Considerations • Sportellate

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Roma-Ajax (3-0) – Scattered Considerations • Sportellate

On the second day of UWCL, Roma crushes Ajax in a peremptory manner.

From Cinderella, Roma risks being the real surprise of group C of the Women’s Champions League. After the comeback draw in Munich, after two days Spugna’s Giallorossi leapt to the top of the group together with Bayern, scoring their first victory against an Ajax who were so feared in the predictions, but who quickly melted away in their performance on the Capitoline soil;

There is a significant element of uncertainty in Roma’s result, due to the young goalkeeper’s bad evening Van Eijk. If in the last victory against PSG of The Daughters of the Gods (“daughters of the gods”: pretentiousness didn’t pay off here) the Dutch goalkeeper got away with it on more than one occasion, in Valentina’s brace Hyacinths those exquisitely technical limits already shown have re-emerged with decisive arrogance. And for Ajax, finding themselves 2-0 down after just 14 minutes, it was impossible to get back on track with the match;

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Difficile get an idea of ​​what the score of the match could have been, without Giacinti’s rapacious initial blitz. Ajax struggled a lot to develop the traditional Dutch positional game, thanks to Roma’s conservative choice, strong in their advantage, not to force high pressing and to be very careful to close the vertical passing lines when not in possession. With another partial perhaps Spugna would have asked for a more aggressive attitude from his girls, but above all Ajax would have had a more lucid approach in managing the dribble and negative transitions, where once again Haavi and Viens created a terrible mismatch on the sidelines all to the advantage of Roma;

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Despite Roma not only impressed but showed that they can easily develop vertically and create numerical superiority, confirming that they are a fearsome and perhaps even underrated team, Suzanne Bakker’s Ajax was so bad and out of phase that it couldn’t be true. The same 3-0 conceded in the second minute of the second half, where Haavi finished again and Giugliano repeated the goal in Bavaria by volleying into the area, was a situation where the substantial difference between the two teams was clarity on what to do, on when do it, how to do it;

It is no coincidence that the large ball possession in favor of Ajax translated into little or nothing, especially when compared with Roma’s balanced verticality. The only Dutch chances come from corners. At 10′ at 1-0 (returned by Ceasarjust to remember how much the difference goalkeepers can make) and the crossbar of Keukelaer in the 66th minute it was 3-0, the result of an error by Linari in the making. It is perhaps no coincidence that the class of 2005 Lotte Keukelaar, who came on in the 36th minute in place of the injured Hoekstra, was the only one truly capable of giving a bit of sparkle to the Dutch offensive maneuver. She is the only one able to urge Bartoli and Minami on that side with some 1vs1. Too little, for a Rome in which the air of Europe does not instill fear at all.

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