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Roma-Inter: when the rain gives a poetic aura to Serie A too

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Roma-Inter: when the rain gives a poetic aura to Serie A too

Heavy rain, for the entire ninety minutes, the likes of which we hadn’t seen for years. And which for an afternoon restores that aura of retro and no-frills charm of the Serie A that once was. A charm so little suited to the fragile legs of our ball circus performers, that on several occasions everyone thought of stopping and postponing the contest. Unfortunately for the delicate footballerhowever, the mantle ofOlympic held up great, forcing them to double their efforts but also to enjoy a more spartan and fierce environment, perhaps also thanks to the progress of the storm. Let’s spread a merciful veil over the first rows of the stands forced to resort to umbrellas or capes (tools that should be banned from the stands), highlighting how the construction works Italia ’90 still produce their damage even in theoretically covered plants (same thing happens at St. Paulal Bentegodial Saint Nicholas and certainly elsewhere too).

The ferocity of Giove Pluvio ends up, as always, bringing a good part of the city to its knees, which finds itself bogged down in puddles transformed into lakes and in endless queues, so much so that many will be forced to enter significantly late for the kick-off whistle. My choice of public transport rewards me for once, making me arrive at my destination just a few minutes before the teams take to the field and while the unpleasant show of lights and chirping of the speaker is annoyingly underway. The eye immediately goes to the guest sector, which appears completely full and “adorned” by the banner North Milan Curve and by a single flag carried by the Inter fans to honor those who have been suspended. In the last two years I have praised theupgrade achieved by the Nerazzurri in terms of support and today they will fully confirm the improvements. First of all I must say that I found the attempt to drown out the scream of the sixty thousand Roma supporters to the tune of Rome, Rome, Rome, performing one of the most popular chants among the Milanese fans and making, overall, a good impression and a good “noise” during the always engaging and granitic Giallorossi anthem. Although my vision of the stadium is clearly distant from that of the two Milanese curves, without a doubt they deserve credit for these great steps forward in terms of support. In this case, no one should blame me, the Inter fans atOlympic they have often been among the worst fans in terms of support, attendance and colour. And seeing them so reinvigorated is still pleasing, as well as increasing the level of confrontation between factions.

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At the start of the match, Sud commemorates with a banner the absence of important figures from the club at the funeral of Giacomo Losi (only some youth players present), who passed away a week earlier. An episode seen as an affront by the entire fans, a lack of respect towards the third Giallorossi captain ever in terms of appearances, as well as a character loved for his attachment and stoicism. There are topics on which you can have disparate ideas, until they become a matter of discussion. Then there are passages, junctions, in which in football (and in life) nuances cannot exist. At least in my opinion. The recent funeral of the immortal Fiorentina flag Kurt Hamrin comes to mind where the Viola club attended in full force. Football – and not just cheering – is not limited to being a simple sport with corporate branches, but is necessarily a container of feelings, history and links between eras. A club that effectively “fails” such a day is committing an act that is disrespectful towards the club itself. As well as his people. The following day the only one to apologize was De Rossi, saying that the strong pressure he was subjected to made him forget the funeral. An apology is always an act worth taking into consideration, but in this case it is truly sad to see the disrespectful abandonment of a symbol. The position taken by the Curva Sud is therefore right and sacrosanct.

Also worth mentioning is the banner, displayed by In the Name of Rome, for Stefano Furlan, a few days after the fortieth anniversary of his death. A message that reflects the respect Roma fans have always shown for the matter. In fact, I remember quite clearly the bouquet of flowers displayed by some groups under the plaque of the Grezar stadium on the occasion of a Triestina-Roma Italian Cup match at the beginning of the 2000s, as well as some banners also displayed on the occasion of its anniversary. A gesture that goes beyond rivalry and colours, to remember a “state” death whose story has reached the present day only thanks to the initial tenacity of the halberd ultras and the support, which has grown more and more over the years, of the the entire national movement.

Curva Sud which today is produced in a good demonstration of support, which often manages to drag in other sectors as well (above all the Distinto Tevere side, now an integral part of the support for all intents and purposes). Nice to see many flags wet from the rain continue to wave, as well as the choir throwers remaining undaunted in their place despite the water not sparing them. As mentioned, this is also what gives something more in terms of epic, if you grant me permission. Note of merit also for the usual wall of the North, which now represents a certainty and manages to achieve excellent numbers. Which has gradually allowed him to transform the North from a rather quiet sector (but historically “mangy” towards guests) into a participatory and “sparkling” place.

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On the Inter front, as I said earlier, it’s definitely a good performance: from the middle down there is almost always support, even with a fair amount of intensity, while often even the most “remote” areas of the sector follow the beat of the drum, making a good impression. I repeat: until a few years ago, perhaps all this on their part was unthinkable. If I then wanted to make a personal analysis of the performances I must say that I am certainly not crazy about Bauscia’s repertoire which, a bit like what happens on the AC Milan side, sinks mainly into overused and unoriginal choruses and slogans. An aspect that, however, at the Giallorossi is different, also considering the countless (perhaps too many) chants that are invented during the season, sometimes becoming fleeting catchphrases. However, basically, looking at the Curva Sud, one can still see a deep-rooted soul, little aimed at the commercialization and standardization of certain aspects. Thinking about it, it is also one of the great differences that throughout history and even more today divide Rome from Milan.

The progress of the match further stimulates ultras and ordinary fans, with the Nerazzurri first finding the advantage, then being put back at 2-1 and in the second half Roma in turn comeback, taking the lead.Olympic with a resounding 2-4. Obviously jubilation for Inzaghi’s team at the end of the match. Inter seems to be flying towards a historic title, which would earn them the second star on their chest, becoming the first Milan team to be able to boast of this recognition. Applause also for a Roma team who the public recognizes for their commitment and for throwing their hearts over the obstacle, against a much stronger team. The Giallorossi are expected from the first leg of the play-off Europa League against Feyenoord, a “classic” which unfortunately will still see the respective host sectors closed. Decision resulting from the usual, shameful and infamous pressure from the Italian authorities. But that’s a story we’ll talk about next week. All I have to do is leave theOlympicstill in the pouring rain, but protected by a nice designer umbrella Europa Leaguekind gift received in one of my many European sorties!

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