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Rome, Friedkin’s revenues grow and fans dream

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Rome, Friedkin’s revenues grow and fans dream

The Friedkin Group has reached a turnover of 10.7 billion dollars, a threshold that brings it to the top of the ranking of the best private companies. And in the capital they are now hoping for market hits

A magical moment, not only for Roma. And while waiting to place the next market hits, the Friedkins are enjoying the successes of their group, which in 2021 reached a turnover of 10.7 billion dollars, a threshold that allowed The Friedkin Group to hoist itself at the top of the ranking of best private companies, ranking compiled by the breaking latest news 100. Since the family business has existed (1960) it is the first time it has gone so high, now that the entire holding has reached 6,000 employees, of which 1,800 in the nerve center of Houston. “We have a deep affection and appreciation for all the customers of our brands and for the Roma fans. Their loyalty has been fundamental to our successes.”

The thousand revenues

It is clear that Roma is above all a cost for now, with the Friedkins who have injected almost 600 million euros into the Giallorossi coffers since they acquired the club. But the victory of the Conference League, the Olympic stadium always full and the sounding board received from the arrival of José Mourinho onwards have allowed the group to shine in other sectors as well. The Friedkins now in the world are known not only for their qualities as entrepreneurs, but also for being the owners of Roma. It seems little, it is not, given the scope of the brand. And in the meantime, car sales have started to fly again in the United States, where the Friedkins are exclusive dealers in 5 states (Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas), with over 150 stores (where Toyota car sales in 2021 grew by 10.4%). Gulf State Toyota, the parent company of the group, last year recorded a turnover of 8.8 billion dollars (almost 90% of the total turnover of the group), with a + 6% compared to the previous year. And the forecasts for 2022 are even more optimistic, which obviously will also benefit Roma. “There is a strong demand for trucks, especially in Texas,” says Dan, who expects even higher numbers.

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Even in the tourism sector, where the Auberge Resorts Collection hotel section recorded + 70% of revenues compared to 2019. “Many of our properties have always sold out – continues the president of Rome – Our revenues have a positive trend , with double-digit growth in the first part of this year compared to the same period in 2021 “. And then the cinema, with Imperative Entertainment which has recently concluded the shooting of Killers of the Flower Moon, a western crime drama directed by Martin Scorsese with Leonardo DiCaprio, whose release is scheduled for the end of the year. And therefore Roma, the other jewel of the house, the one to which Dan and Ryan have devoted themselves more assiduously in the last two years. In the capital they dream of the shots to return to the Champions League. And be like the other sisters in the group. On top of everything.

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