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Rome, Mou is hanging on the Champions League. Zaniolo out of the UEFA list?

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Rome, Mou is hanging on the Champions League.  Zaniolo out of the UEFA list?

Following the elimination at the hands of Cremonese, José looks for guarantees. Nicolò risks Europe. While the Friedkins stay cold

The future, at times, can have sentimental altitudes worthy of a stage of the Giro d’Italia. In this sense, in recent days Roma and Nicolò Zaniolo have faced “leg-breaking” climbs and daring descents like one of those heroic and crazy cyclists of the last century.

Now, however, the time has come to put the point and move on, treasuring the mistakes of the past. And this goes for both sides.


So let’s start with the most stringent current situation, ie the unexpected elimination of the team from the Italian Cup, which had become a clear objective of the season. The boos from the Olimpico confirmed that even José Mourinho is not immune from criticism and therefore, at this point of the season, the goal of fourth place becomes a priority, above all in light of the penalty from Juventus. For his part, the Portuguese coach after the match looked for the alibi of a short squad, despite the match against Cremonese bottom in the standings, and full of reserves, too, shouldn’t have been considered titanic. And yet, if the baby Tahirovic and Volpato still seemed unsuitable for such challenges, many wonder why more experienced players like Camara or Solbakken himself are on the sidelines for now. However, Mou has the truth about him and, regarding the future, already last week he sent the Friedkins a message via the media: they are waiting for an interview to define the future. All this, despite having an existing contract until 2024. Given that the sirens of the Premier League are once again singing for him – in recent days the English newspapers had talked about Chelsea again – without clarification and without Champions qualification, the farewell does not seem unlikely .

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And speaking of a short squad, let’s start with the question of Zaniolo, who hopes to be on the UEFA list until the end. The list was delivered at midnight, but since the club is under a “settlement agreement”, it must first be endorsed by UEFA itself, which will give the go-ahead – or change it – only this morning if the ceiling is not exceeded. engagements. Logic says that the attacker, being out of the technical project – as Roma only underlined last Monday – shouldn’t be there, but watch out for twists and turns. Furthermore, the confirmation of Karsdorp is not excluded, ever closer to “forgiveness”, even if his salary is by no means trivial.


Even Zaniolo, however it goes with the UEFA list, his path will start again today. In fact, the player has already returned to Rome and this morning at 11 he will be in Trigoria to start retraining, after a psycho-aptitude medical examination. Needless to hide it, the boy has had difficult days. The rift with the club, with the coach and with several of his teammates – some of whom weighed heavily in the locker room – prostrated him, not to mention the insults and threats that from social media – also involving his family members – overflowed before on the personal mobile phone and then “de visu”, on the street and at home. In short, football stories of the third millennium so uneditable as to make even the Italian Footballers’ Association move in support. This, at the moment, does not mean that Zaniolo intends to resort to arbitration for mobbing, given that the company has put him on the sidelines of the technical project, but it is obvious that as the days go by, the operating methods that will be indicated by the management, such as training times, the field in which to train and the staff that will be made available to them.

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But one thing is certain. Yesterday Trigoria filtered that the open letter with which Nicolò had reached out to the fans and the club left the Friedkins indifferent. The meaning of the letter, even in the absence of the word “apology”, had “fright” and “abandonment” as key phrases, concluding thus: “The future is in our hands: I hold out mine and place myself at the complete disposal of the family of the Rome”. The property, however, judged it late and not in line with the previous behavior. But the future starts over every day, so Nicolò’s first thought is to make up for lost time. However, this does not only apply to him, but also to the group as a whole. The fool against Cremonese, according to the management, is independent of the technical data, but pertains to a management problem. For this reason, beyond the use or otherwise of Zaniolo, the answer now falls to the Special One.

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