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Rome, Mourinho: “Pari acceptable. The return to play with the head”

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Rome, Mourinho: “Pari acceptable. The return to play with the head”

The Giallorossi coach: “Five or six months ago we would have lost this match. Now I am thinking of Bologna, because we want the Europa League without waiting to win this cup.”

Can we speak of Rome’s mission accomplished? Probably yes. The draw is a good result, especially considering that the Giallorossi had taken the lead after a quarter of an hour with Pellegrini and were resumed in the second half, but they also had a huge chance with Sergio Oliveira to get back in the lead. For the final everything will be decided in a week at the Olimpico, but everything is open and José Mourinho can be satisfied.

the analysis

The first caresses are for Zalewski, author of an excellent performance and the drift that led to the initial 1-o. “It is important for us and also beautiful, because he arrived in Rome when he was 9-10 years old and now plays in the first team, and this is more beautiful than an important thing”. Then the analysis of the match: “We lost too much ball, in some situations at the exit we weren’t good. When the energy was high we pressed as we wanted, then instead the team lowered and the game was difficult, especially in the second half. But if in recent days we had told the fans to sign that the qualification would be decided at the Olimpico, everyone would have accepted. But now I want to think about Bologna too, because it will be difficult. Leicester, on the other hand, can only think about the cup, instead we have four league games where we need to be concentrated. “

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the return to the Olympic

To the microphones of Sky Sport they ask him what return he expects. “Now I have to think about it, and I must also forget, I have to think about Bologna, because we want to have the certainty of playing the Europa League without waiting for a victory in the Conference League. Leicester is a team of depth, since the days of Ranieri. Now they have more construction of the game, but in front of the attackers are all deep. They have a bench that allows many changes. We will have to play with more head than emotion, because it is the 14th match of Conference and if we win it we are in the final “. They tell him that this game, a few months ago, would have been lost and Mourinho laughs heartily: “I am not very humble, or I have the reputation of being not very humble, but this time I have to agree with you: this game is 5-6 months ago we would have lost it for sure. Going out with a 1-0 would have been better, but this 1-1 is acceptable. “

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