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Rome overwhelmed by an unusual Udinese. Inter, after the derby lost there is the Bayern test

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Rome overwhelmed by an unusual Udinese.  Inter, after the derby lost there is the Bayern test

Where were we? Roma who wants to take the big leap? Who is ready to be included in the noble club of the favorites? As not said: let’s start over. While the echo of Inter’s fall in the derby with Milan still echoes, Magica also crashes in Friuli against Udinese, which reaches them in the standings. A very heavy 4-0 that strikes like a tornado on Mourinho’s team, almost unrecognizable compared to the previous games that had brought it to the top. A nightmare night, propitiated at the start by a surreal madness of Karsdorp who, head-on, to serve his goalkeeper, offers a perfect assist to Udogie. A madness that sends the whole team into a tailspin that later, to recover, exposes itself to the razors of Udinese who still go on the net with Samardzic, Pereyra and Lovric.

Rome, a night to forget

Everything turns wrong for the Giallorossi. Even an obvious penalty for Becao’s push on Celik is denied by the referee Maresca. But they are details. The real truth is that, having hit Rome cold, it is no longer able to reorganize itself. Only Dybala and Matic are saved while Mourinho himself acts as a lightning rod (“There have been many individual mistakes, but I am the only one responsible”) to prevent the blow from having other repercussions in the future. It is not a downsizing, but certainly a bad blow that makes us reflect on the strangeness of this championship, still to be deciphered. A sort of elevator, which goes up and down without defined hierarchies. A crazy carousel where sumptuous plays (those of Leao, for example) alternate with clumsy beginner mistakes.

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It was said that this championship (which started with the market still open and with the stop of almost two months for the World Cup) would suffer various consequences. Well, almost all the favorites are still late in condition and penalized by a whirlwind of injuries. Milan himself, brilliant and overflowing in the derby, had barely equalized with Sassuolo the week before. Now at the top (11 points) there are the Rossoneri with Napoli. But if Atalanta beats Monza this Monday (a task not impossible given that the team of Berlusconi and Galliani has not made a point so far), they could even find themselves in the lead at 13.

Milan in celebration, Inter from the psychoanalyst

Poor Simone Inzaghi: let’s do something for him. Did you see him after immediately after the derby? Pale, he bloodless, as if a truck had passed over him. “After the match with the Rossoneri, the light went out, we score too many goals, I’m responsible,” whispered the Inter coach in a whisper.

Talking like that even does him honor. But Inzaghi is not exaggerating with the mea culpa: coaches in football weigh, but up to a certain point. If the opponent can count on a Leao who invents two wonderful goals and a golden assist for Giroud, it becomes difficult to find the appropriate countermeasures. Plus, if you miss Lukaku, on whose goals Inter’s season was set, and Handanovic (unlike Maignan) often goes wild, then leaving the derby with his head held high is almost impossible.

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