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Rome-Psg, for Wijnaldum the knot of redemption. Frattesi and Schouten the alternatives

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Rome-Psg, for Wijnaldum the knot of redemption.  Frattesi and Schouten the alternatives

Once the agreement with the player has been reached, the one with the PSG remains to be defined, which would like the obligation and not the simple right of redemption

From our correspondent Andrea Pugliese

Day of rest today for Roma, but probably not for everyone. In Trigoria, in fact, they have the problem of having to place the redundancies, but also of closing as soon as possible for the midfielder that Mourinho has been asking for a while. The negotiation with Wijnaldum is well underway, even if we will have to wait a little longer for the white smoke. If it arrives, of course. The agreement with the player is already there, also thanks to Mou’s own intermediation, who also in this case put a heavy word through a phone call to the Dutch. Now it’s up to the club to find the square of the circle with PSG, holder of the Wijnaldum card, with a contract until 2024.


In the event of an agreement, Wijnaldum would land in August and then the monthly payments to be paid would be only ten. And considering that PSG has made itself available to pay half the price tag, about 8.3 million of the 9 net would remain (one month’s salary has already gone), for Roma just over 4. Of course, then the Giallorossi’s problem would be that to find the right formula for the future. In Trigoria they would like a loan with the right of redemption of around 12 million, in Paris they ask for an obligation. Or, at least, a right on very easy conditions, which can in fact become an obligation. Roma’s problem, however, would be to inherit a very heavy contract for another year. And then we are also working on the possibility of spreading it over several years, but we must also convince the player.

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the others

Of course, Wijnaldum would be the icing on the cake, after the arrival of Dybala and would allow Mou to build a great midfield, paired with Matic. Not very fast, but with a wealth of infinite experience. In the meantime, however, he continues to work on reserve cards, albeit very different from the Dutch. Schouten is an idea, he always costs between 10 and 12 million, but he has a sustainable contract and is younger. Frattesi, on the other hand, is always there that he pushes, calls some Roma players, hopes that the negotiations with Sassuolo will restart. And it doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

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