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Rome-Sassuolo: the scarf is the oldest fetish

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Rome-Sassuolo: the scarf is the oldest fetish

After the victory over Juventus and the efforts of the Europa League, Roma returns to the Olimpico to host Sassuolo, in what historically has never been an easy challenge for the Giallorossi. The controversies between Mourinho and the Cremonese-Roma referee trio (match in which the Lusitanian coach was removed from the bench) have left their aftermath, with the Romanist public taking the side of their coach through eloquent banners.

The Viale dei Gladiatori facility presents an excellent public setting, as always giving the beautiful visual effect of the scarf on the notes of “Rome, Rome, Rome”. An aspect that has grown and been re-evaluated in recent years, to which the right importance has finally been restored. The scarf, in fact, has always been one of the distinctive features of the fan. Malvised by someone, carried in a too folkloric way by someone else and never abandoned by many, it is par excellence the piece of cloth behind which every fan identifies his or her faith and since the dawn of time it has served, precisely, to give life to one of the simplest and most “natural” “scenographies” that every supporter can count among their own strings. I think there isn’t a person, among those who attend the stadium or who, even just, love football, who hasn’t worn it as a child to go to school and proudly display their colors to the rest of the world, who evidently already saw grey.

Despite the capitolini going behind by two goals after just twenty minutes, the South still tries to shake up the eleven on the pitch by giving voice to their choirs and trying to involve the rest of the stadium. Roma would also halve the distances with Zalewski but the naive expulsion of Kumbulla tremendously complicates his plans, so much so that the following penalty converted by Berardi weighs like a boulder. In the second half Dybala tries to reopen it but Pinamonti closes it. Wjanaldum’s first goal in Serie A was only useful for the almanacs, setting the result at 3-4. With the defeat now acquired, the Romanist ultras let themselves go to the classic chants that go “beyond the result” – citing a now much inflated concept – and, at least they, fully conquer the sufficiency in a certainly not idyllic day for a team that throws to the nettles the great opportunity to take second place by itself.

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A handful of ultras arrive from Sassuolo who support the neroverdi quite continuously. In the second half they show off their bare chest, accompanying their players to success.

Simone Meloni

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