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Rome-Turin: what remains, what still exists

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Rome-Turin: what remains, what still exists

The game is played on Monday at 6pm. Bad day, even worse time. Especially if the ones dealing with this event have to be the poor workers intent on returning home and the fans themselves, who – it should always be remembered – are first and foremost citizens and as such “theoretically” work in certain time slots. The adverb is a must, considering that despite some defections, the audience at the Olimpico will still be important, amounting to around sixty thousand units. The match against Toro is a challenge with an ancient flavour, which for many generations brings to mind sweet memories, dated 8 May 1983: Roma mathematically winning the championship, the lap of the pitch with the tricolor and the Commando banner back in place after four years of “obscurantism” due to Paparelli’s sad derby. For others, however, it is inevitably a broken dream, the Italian Cup final on 19 June 1993, when only a post stopped Roma’s comeback at 5-2 (after the 3-0 defeat in the first leg), giving Torino what today it remains the last trophy in its history. For still others there are single matches, finals of the 1980s Italian Cup and the clash between true sacred monsters of our football. Rome-Turin, moreover, also takes us back to the dawn of our ultras movement, with one of the most heartfelt and experienced rivalries at the time, of which the images of 1 March 1981 remain indelible: Roberto Rulli collapsed on the ground at the old Municipal after receiving a stab wound, while together with other Roma supporters he faced the Granata. On one of the many “typical” Sundays of those times.

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In reality, very little remains of this “mythology” today. With Roma remaining at medium/high levels and Torino which – since the early nineties – has accustomed us to anonymous championships and relegations, increasingly destroyed by managements and characters who in all probability have represented and represent the antithesis of the grenade spirit. Even the rivalry between fans – while remaining alive – has seen very rare turbulence, falling more within the confines of a heartfelt but all in all “normal” acrimony. In this regard, it is worth mentioning the playful banner displayed in Curva Sud representing a person with binoculars in hand and the writing Snitch Ear. Michele Orecchio is an assistant to Mister Juric, who during the week had climbed a hill adjacent to the Trigoria training fields in an attempt to spy on training sessions to better prepare for the match. Nice little scene, which gives us a retro image of football, following the unforgettable hole dug on the penalty spot by Maspero in the derby against Juve, causing Salas’ error from eleven meters in the famous 3-3 derby.

The handful of grenades who arrived in the capital – and assisted by the various sections, including the historic one of Viterbo – settled down in the lower part of the away section, cheering on their eleven throughout the match and exchanging rude gestures and insults with discreet regularity with the players opposite the team. North. While the celebration – of the momentary draw – towards Monte Mario was always “interesting”, with the so-called “normal” fans of the Roma stand who didn’t take any time when it came to insults and vulgarity. Ordinary administration, as regards singing support, on the Roman front. After the always beautiful and compact scarf on the notes of Rome, Rome, Romethe South gives life to one performance perhaps not sparkling but characterized by various peaks, especially after the goals and in the final, when the victory materializes. Various banners for kids in difficulty and for those who are no longer here. The dedication with which the Nord group works to encourage the sector is always notable, now managing to attract the majority of people and making ample display of the well-finished and well-produced material. Note of merit also for all those ultras squads that populate the Tiber, continuing the tradition of a grandstand that has always been characterized by warmth and popular attachment. On the pitch, a hat-trick from Dybala fixed the result at 3-2, giving De Rossi another three points which relaunched the Giallorossi into the Champions League zone.

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