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Rome, what a comeback! Haavi decides it in the 89th minute, now the Champions League is one step away

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Rome, what a comeback!  Haavi decides it in the 89th minute, now the Champions League is one step away

The Giallorossi, contracted and nervous, go under at the beginning of the second half. Then the great reaction, with the Norwegian scoring in the final. An ever closer historical milestone

What character are Spugna’s Roma, which in a week could celebrate its first historic qualification for the Champions League. The Giallorossi, who were defeated on Friday from the big match with Juventus without scoring even a goal (it hadn’t happened in 18 games), win a comeback on the field of Sparta Prague, which will not be Arsenal or Bayern Munich but which still dominates at home with 12 points in the first 4 days and 20 goals scored. Another half-time therefore for Bartoli and his companions, their third European success after those on Glasgow City and Paris Fc. On September 29th, at the Tre Fontane, one last great match will be needed to certify entry among the best 16 in Europe.


Spugna has to deal with Di Guglielmo’s absence and opts for the back four, with Bartoli and Landstrom on the outside plus the Wenninger-Minami couple in the center. In the middle of the field the trio formed by Andressa, Giugliano and Greggi is not touched, while on the right of the offensive trident Serturini is preferred to Glionna, decisive in the previous round with the brace against Glasgow. Rome starts contracted, suffering the physicality of the Czechs. At 20 ‘, however, the Giallorossi devour the advantage: Greggi takes advantage of a defensive blunder of the opponents, takes possession of the ball and is face to face with the goalkeeper, shooting sensationally out. At half an hour, Sparta Prague shoots for the first time on goal with Chang without creating any danger and immediately afterwards it is again Roma to complain, with Giacinti hitting Andressa’s beautiful cross, but his header is printed on the cross also thanks to the big hand of Chladekova. The game does not unlock and among the Giallorossi increases the nervousness, as evidenced by the useless protest of the same Giacinti, who gets a yellow for a missed lineout.

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Fear and joy

And the recovery begins in the worst way for the girls from Spugna, who at 51 ‘find themselves below: erroraccio di Giugliano, who with a wrong pass at the edge of the area favors Martinkova who, in front of Ceasar, does not forgive. The Czechs close to doubling 10 ‘later, but this time the Roma goalkeeper rejects the conclusion of Chang. At game time the turning point comes from the bench: Serturini and Giacinti outside, Lazaro and Glionna inside. The latter has a devastating impact and is close to par after entering the opponent’s area with a couple of dribbles, but her close-range shot is too central and Chladekova saves, repeating a minute later on a hit from distance of Lazaro’s own. . At 77 ‘all the pride of captain Bartoli, who on the first post turns the excellent corner of Giugliano into the goal. Delicate right and 1-1, complete with a dedication to Di Guglielmo, injured against Juventus. Minutes of battle followed, then in the 89th minute the party started: lucky rebound favoring Haavi on the left, whose cross-shot ended up mocking Chladekova by bagging under the crossbar. The Norwegian decides, therefore. She who had also scored the decisive penalty against Paris Fc. The Champions in destiny, Rome still dreams.

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