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Ronald González Speaks Out on Workplace Harassment and Departure from Antigua GFC

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Ronald González Speaks Out on Workplace Harassment and Departure from Antigua GFC

Ronald González, former coach of the Antigua GFC, broke his silence about his coexistence with Oscar Santis during his brief stay in the club. In a press conference supported by the Guatemalan Professional Footballers Union (Sifupgua), González addressed his unexpected separation from the colonial team.

Speaking before his return to Costa Rica, González revealed the workplace harassment he endured during his time at Antigua GFC. However, he refused to expose the club’s board of directors, acknowledging that despite the mistreatment, they fulfilled their financial obligations.

“I’m not going to say names,” González stated. “I’m not going to mention them out of respect and I don’t want to go into details. I already said that the topic was closed here. Every action I had in my contract ends here. I am not going to refer to the issue of harassment from now on.”

González expressed his confusion over the breakdown of his relationship with Antigua GFC, stating that until the fifth match, they were the leaders. He believed in the work they were doing and the consecutive defeats suffered during his tenure greatly affected the team. He emphasized that championships are not determined by how they start but how they end.

Another factor contributing to the separation was the club’s outdated methodology. González pointed out that Antigua GFC still operated using a methodology from 2012 that had become obsolete over the years.

Addressing the rumors surrounding Oscar Santis, González denied any problems with the player. He claimed to have had an excellent relationship with all the players and that any issues with Santis had been addressed privately and were not inappropriate.

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Despite his departure, González had good words for his former players, praising their achievements in the three months he was with the team. He described them as an extraordinary group, respectful, resilient, and entertaining. The dynamics within the team were always positive, and González admitted that leaving the team was painful for him.

When it came to exposing the Antigua GFC board, González refused to do so. He believed it was not his concern and left it up to those in the National League to resolve the issue. He aimed to maintain respect for different types of management and stated that he did not find the team to have the appropriate management style for him.

Despite the challenges faced during his time at Antigua GFC, González reaffirmed his love for Guatemala. Having lived there for many years, he considered it his second country. He even had a Guatemalan son and had been naturalized since 2002. González made it clear that his departure would in no way influence the love he had for the country.

In conclusion, Ronald González addressed the press to explain the reasons behind his departure from Antigua GFC. Despite workplace harassment, a breakdown in the relationship, and outdated methodologies, he spoke highly of his former players and expressed his continued love for Guatemala.

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