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Ronaldo: I’ll be happy if Messi wins the World Cup but I’ll be sad if Argentina wins

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Ronaldo: I’ll be happy if Messi wins the World Cup but I’ll be sad if Argentina wins

Original title: Ronaldo: I will be happy if Messi wins the World Cup but I will be sad if Argentina wins the championship

GOAL website reported that the legendary Brazilian star and alien Ronaldo said when talking about the World Cup that the Argentine team did not play well. Ronaldo admitted he would be happy if Lionel Messi won the World Cup, although he would be saddened by Argentina’s victory.

Screen capture of GOAL website report

In the World Cup semi-finals, Argentina will face Croatia, two teams that are very good at winning penalty shootouts in the World Cup. After defeating the Netherlands in the last game, Messi showed rare anger and domineering, which also highlighted Messi’s desire for the World Cup championship. Messi will lead Argentina to their second World Cup final in eight years if they beat Croatia.

Ronaldo said of Argentina’s prospects: “If Messi wins the World Cup, I will be happy. But as a Brazilian, I am not happy, I will be very sad, because this is the trophy that Brazil should win. Football That’s it, go out there and win, no one’s going to give you anything for your story or anything.”

“Messi certainly has a chance to win the title, but Argentina didn’t play well in this World Cup. But the Argentine team has unbelievable desire, their whole team is very active running, their defense is full of aggressiveness. And Messi, when he gets close to the box, his decisions are very decisive. Personally, if he wins, I will be happy for him,” said Ronaldo.

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The 35-year-old Messi has also stated before that this will be the last World Cup in his personal career. After losing to Saudi Arabia 1-2 in the group stage, Argentina, which took off against the wind, made it all the way to the semi-finals. Messi will also usher in the last chance to compete for the Hercules Cup, but first he must overcome the difficulty of Croatia.Return to Sohu to see more


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