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Ronaldo wants to expose the truth about Manchester United in two weeks

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Ronaldo wants to expose the truth about Manchester United in two weeks

Original title: Ronaldo wants to expose the truth about Manchester United after 2 weeks, Ten Hahe insinuates: I don’t know what he wants to do

Ten Hag seems very dissatisfied with some of Ronaldo’s actions and decisions. After hearing that Ronaldo was going to tell the truth about something in two weeks, Ten Hag said he didn’t know what Ronaldo was going to do. However, Ten Hag still stressed that Cristiano Ronaldo is in Manchester United’s new season plan.

Ten Hag and Ronaldo tensions

Ten Hag was interviewed by Neville and Carragher yesterday. In the interview, Neville asked Ten Hag: “One of the best players in history (Cristiano Ronaldo) said on social media that he will tell the truth in 2 weeks. Will this help you? Will it help? The players in the locker room?” Before, Ronaldo attacked the media on social media, saying that reporters always spread rumors, and he plans to tell the outside world what happened this summer in the near future.

Regarding this question, Ten Hag said: “I don’t know what he wants to do.” Carragher then asked: “If a player tells you that he does not want to be here, as a manager, would you say ‘ If he doesn’t want to stay, the club has to clean him’?” Ten Hag responded: “That’s not what he (Cristiano Ronaldo) told us.” Before, Ten Hag also emphasized that Ronaldo never told him that he wanted to leave the team.

Ten Hag feels that the outside world pays too much attention to Ronaldo. “After the last round of the league, I don’t know why Cristiano Ronaldo has received special attention. This is the team’s overall performance and the team’s overall attitude. Cristiano Ronaldo is only one of them.” The Dutch coach pointed out. In the last round of the league, Cristiano Ronaldo returned to the starting lineup, but Manchester United lost 0-4. In this week’s double red meeting, Martial will return, and the “Daily Mail” believes that Ronaldo will become a substitute again.

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Will Ronaldo be released from the team? Ten Hag once again pointed out succinctly: “He is in our plan, that’s all I can say.” Nei) will reunite at Manchester United, will this make Ronaldo change his mind about leaving the team?

Neville also questioned Ronaldo’s decision to tell the truth after 2 weeks: “Why wait 2 weeks to tell? Stand up now. The club is in crisis and needs a leader. He is the only one Someone who can seize the situation.”Return to Sohu, see more


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