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Rotor 2INpower SL: the lightest dual power meter on the market

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Rotor 2INpower SL: the lightest dual power meter on the market

Rotor recently unveiled its new L/R power meter dubbed the 2INpower SL, a “superlight” version that bolts onto your existing crankset. This new Rotor innovation is based on a CNC machined aluminum crankset, which offers a remarkable lightness with a declared weight of only 530g for the length of 170mm.

The versatility of the 2INpower SL is another strong point, as it can be paired with 1x or 2x chainrings, or a 110mm x 4 BCD spider for use with standard chainrings. Additionally, the 2INpower SL power meter boasts a claimed accuracy of +/- 1.5%, ensuring accurate and reliable measurement.

One of the main advantages of the 2INpower SL is its competitive price. Sold for €999, it represents a €50 saving over the previous version. Rotor is committed to offering the best solution available for dedicated cyclists and those looking to improve the aspect of pedaling symmetry and efficiency.

This new 2INpower SL power meter also stands out for its lightweight design, being the lightest dual power meter on the current market. With a 15% weight saving over the previous version, the 2INpower SL weighs just 530g for a 170mm crankset, accounting for each crankset arm and 30mm integrated aluminum axle.

An interesting comparison can be made with a competing crankset, such as the Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 R9200, which weighs 750g with 172.5mm crank arms and 52/36t chainrings. This shows that the Rotor 2INpower SL offers a lightweight solution without compromising precision and performance.

One of the strengths of a dual power meter like the Rotor 2INpower SL is the ability to measure the power produced by each leg independently. This allows to obtain a precise division between the left leg and the right leg, offering a greater understanding of pedaling dynamics. Furthermore, the ability to use the Rotor Power app allows for in-depth assessment of pedaling and the possibility of optimizing the rotation of the Q-rings, Rotor’s ovalised chainrings, which have been designed to improve pedaling efficiency.

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As for the pricing, details, and specs of the Rotor 2INpower SL, the power meter with crankset comes in four different lengths: 165mm, 170mm, 172.5mm, and 175mm. The €999 price makes it more affordable than the standard version, which costs €1049.

The arms of the crankset are made of CNC machined black anodized aluminum, ensuring strength and durability. Furthermore, the 2INpower SL uses active temperature compensation, maintaining accuracy even under extreme conditions with temperatures ranging from -20°C to 50°C.

Thanks to the use of accelerometers for cadence measurement, no magnets are needed to attach to the frame, simplifying the installation and use of the power meter.

The Rotor 2INpower SL also offers transmission of advanced power meter metrics, such as torque effectiveness and pedal smoothness, via ANT+ and Bluetooth, allowing you to monitor and analyze in detail your performance during your workout.

Finally, with a rechargeable Li-ion battery, the Rotor 2INpower SL has a claimed battery life of 250 hours and can be fully recharged in just three hours, ensuring long and reliable use.

The Rotor 2INpower SL is an excellent choice for riders who want a lightweight, accurate and reliable L/R power meter. With its high-quality design, independent left/right metering capability and the ability to fine-tune pedal stroke via the Rotor Power app, this power meter offers an advanced experience to improve rider performance and efficiency.

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