Home Sports Rowers, the Under 17 team wins the Italian flag in 8 with coxswain Secondo il 2 without

Rowers, the Under 17 team wins the Italian flag in 8 with coxswain Secondo il 2 without

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Rowers, the Under 17 team wins the Italian flag in 8 with coxswain Secondo il 2 without


Historic result of great prestige for Canottieri Candia 2010. The Bass Canavesana rowing company has been awarded the Gigi Bonatti trophy in the 8+ specialty for under 17s.

The important milestone was reached last Sunday, on the occasion of the race held at the lake of Piediluco, in the province of Terni. The athletes of Canottieri Candia 2010 finished the race in 6’13 ” finishing in first place. Jacopo Cappagli, Alessandro Vescovi, Federico Ghisafi, Sergio Andreo, Romeo Schirinzi, Morgan Guidi Colombi, Luca Cordera, Alessandro Serghei and the helmsman Nora Gosso carried out a race that was actually uphill: at the start the rudder breaks, the judge The race allows the Candiese team to be able to repair the fault and after half an hour of great apprehension for the unexpected, the Canavese boat begins its ride.

A race conducted at the top from start to finish with great personality and determination, never giving signs of failure to the opponents, who are unable to approach them. A test of absolute strength, which rewards all the efforts and sacrifices made during the training sessions.

The Canottieri Candia 2010 not only won a deserved first place in the 8+ specialty, but also distinguished itself in the 2 without men, obtaining second place at the Italian Under-17 Championships thanks to the couple composed of David Allasia and Sergio Andreo, who they crossed the finish line after 7’24 ”, just 4 ” from the gold medal.

Also in the women’s field, Canottieri Candia 2010 protagonist in Piediluco, thanks to Simona Fichitiu, who did not enter the semifinals for a matter of tenths of a second, but author of a very good performance in the single Boys Under 17. The Candidian athletes are now already focused on their next goal, that is to make a good impression at the Youth Festival under 15, which will take place from today, Friday 1 to Sunday 3 July at the Idroscalo in Milan. Coach Federico Nuccio is very satisfied: «The 8+ team did something immense, winning a very difficult match with great authority». –

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