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«Rowing, one last step and you will be able to fly» De Toni pushes the group

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The Rossoneri captain: “In terms of playing on an equal footing with everyone, this team can aspire to the top, you just need to believe it”


Andrea De Toni, due to his constant performance, is proving to be an indispensable strength of the Vogherese. The 27-year-old Rossoneri goalkeeper, a recent engineering graduate, focuses on Voghe’s prospects and potential, starting from his excellent performances: «The goalkeeper, to express himself at his best, needs to have the right mental condition. Over the years, you get to know each other better and the experience leads you to become more and more mature. I am of the idea that we can always improve, and with the trainer Fabio Croce we always work to do better ».

Less than none

Pending the resumption of Excellence, currently set for 23 January, De Toni believes in a protagonist Voghe: «I would not change any of our players with those of other teams. We are a young team, which needed some positive results to mentally unblock. When we become fully aware of our strength, we can aspire to something important. Certainly, among the teams we have faced, no one has put us under, from the point of view of the game ». The arrival of Mr. Giacomotti, who took over Tomasoni, gave new strength to the ambitions of the Rossoneri, with a string of six wins, then interrupted by two stops, which was followed by a draw on Castanese’s ground: “It’s not fair to blame in Tomasoni, we had to know each other well, and I think the main responsibilities for that subdued start to the championship lie with us. Giacomotti knows how to manage moments well, and he has given us a lot of conviction ».

In the race for the top, De Toni was struck by Castanese, the Rossoneri’s last opponent (it finished 1-1): «They have shown that they have excellent potential. I am amazed that Varesina, for the many higher category players in the squad, has not already taken off, but in football the big names are often not enough ». On the subject of the restart of the tournament, jeopardized by the increase in Covid infections, De Toni indicates a possible solution: “Beyond the health emergency, I would be inclined for a longer winter break in the Northern Italy championships, thinking about snow, fog and frozen fields. I think it is more pleasant for everyone to play in a pleasant climate, in the hottest months ». –


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