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Rugby, Benetton are defeated by Paris: the Stade Francais wins 24-14

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Rugby, Benetton are defeated by Paris: the Stade Francais wins 24-14

Crazy. Not even the bonus point, thrown away in an unexpected finale of madness. In the 62nd minute, the Lions were ahead and up to 3′ from the end they even had three balls to win, wasting them incredibly on 22 opponents, one almost under the posts with the oval splashed like a pinball on the clean Maile, novice with meta. Then the mockery. Unfair, as much as you like, but there was a lack of management, after going to half-time with enormous regrets for two clear goal actions that faded on the last pass on Watson.

First fraction punctuated by penalties: Treviso defends with grit, leaves no gaps and puts pressure on the not exactly flawless Stade when he can. Hence the first advantage after Cross sanctioned the Parisian maul for a block, even though he had broken through with Peyresblanques. Odogwu lets himself be hunted down under the posts after a nice overthrow by Padovani, and Umaga signs ilo 0-3, therefore a providential turnover of the pack on the goal line, a pity that Menoncello and Tetaz hit the pink wall in the first real foray into the home 22 . The clean and substantial work of Ratave stands out, while the fouls of the XV in pink continue: the foul of the Georgian Abramishvili which gives Umaga the possibility of doubling (0-6) is naive. Lorenzo Cannone snatches Arrate in suspicious rolling, but on the Orgian counter-ruck Cross sees a Treviso hold, and Barrè shortens, but the second quarter is colored in the blue of the Leoni.

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If Barrè didn’t set foot outside, Watson would score in a try under great pressure following a divine five-a-side kick from Umaga, then lose the ball in the charge under the posts. Umaga makes up for a very tough tackle from Tui, but Ratave brings the ball back, Garbisi doesn’t always kick adequately but the team is there, they fight one-on-one. And in the 32nd minute, Umaga doubles the centres, clear surplus, ball for Watson who misses the hook, with goal wide open. To eat your fingers… On 35′, the encore, also sterile: this time it’s Padovani who misses the final assist. There was however the advantage and Umaga capitalized on the 3-9 of the rest which is bittersweet. Upon return, French snatch but response from the Lions pack, which kicks in favor in push. Bricks of trust, but then a sumptuous break by Menoncello fueled by Garbisi is not followed up, kick against.

Treviso has confidence, he even plays from 22, and not badly, but cynicism is always lacking. Ratave shines, makes meters, but it is Lucchesi who saves on a deep break from the third house. Benetton thanks Coville twice bungling. But the first trouble for Treviso comes in the 52nd minute: the ball is won back in defense, a bad release, Medgoud invents a chip that mocks the unhinged defence, then flees to Mgabrisi and Menoncello: 10-9. Treviso feels the pinch, but Stade doesn’t take advantage of it. Indeed, the Lions are back in attack, but Odogwu snatches the ball from Riera. It’s the appetizer of the assault of the pack, which after break by Ratave and Menoncello crowns the penalty touche with the breakthrough by Maile, deb and happy. Umaga wastes +6: 10-14.

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We would have to manage, but Treviso gives away: harmless and crooked up and under by Barrè, Umaga slaps for Hall, open field and Ward can serve. Beyond belief. Good that Ward himself trips over himself. Treviso still has energy, he throws himself forward, from applause: but a counter kick and a skidded ruck stop the Lions. And Albornoz asks too much of himself, the Stade hunts him down, expropriates the oval and launches Etien in the flag. Mock of mockery.

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