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Rugby Feltre reassembled, on Sunday the Boscherai will need a company

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Rugby Feltre reassembled, on Sunday the Boscherai will need a company
Pietro Tranquillin

The grenades had closed the first fraction in Favaro 21-8 ahead. But the San Marco puts another gear in the second half and passes by measure in the final


A great first half was not enough at Rugby Feltre, to leave Favaro Veneto with the full tally in the first leg final to go up to the B series of rugby.

The San Marco, after having closed the first fraction 21-8 at a disadvantage, with strength, clarity and calm was able to go upstream and overturn the score, so much so as to close the final whistle one point ahead.

The Feltrini played a good final, sinning only of concreteness, because at least a couple of sensational goal actions remained on the lawn of Favaro Veneto, situations that, with an extra bit of coldness, the boys of the Cup could have transform into heavy markings.

Nothing is lost, Sunday will be played at the Boscherai and Feltre has every intention of returning to the usual levels.

The first stages of the first leg final are control, a couple of free mistakes allow the two teams to move the scoresheet, with San Marco taking the lead, thanks to a kick from Broglio and Sartor which, almost immediately, impacts , always from the pitch.

Feltre undoubtedly demonstrates a better approach to the final and settles in the lagoon half of the pitch, so much so as to touch the goal already at 13 ‘, when the Feltre throw-in is stopped by the careful defense of San Marco, which brings the maul grenade correctly. For most of the first half it is practically a Rugby Feltre monologue. The boys in the Cup go in goal in the 19th minute with Nicola Girardini, after a great advancement of the maul, an open action offshore, two well-executed meeting points and the charge, straight by straight, of the Feltre flanker.

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The San Marco remains with the man less, for the yellow card extracted from the Lambrè address, for a voluntary forward and the Feltre heavy brand again: this time the grenade safe goes all the way and leads Enrico Perotto to crush the ‘oval in meta. The Feltrini, however, immediately commit an ingenuity, on the drop-out, they lose the ball forward and Parmesan is shrewd to crush in the extension, preceding Rech, on the developments of a grabber.

It is in the last 10 ‘of the first half that, perhaps, Federico Coppa’s XV loses the game, because in the moment of maximum domination, he wastes a sensational opportunity offshore, in triple numerical superiority and even hits a post on a placed. Sartor, however, moves the scoresheet with two set pieces.

The San Marco plays a different music in the second half. The hosts immediately start very strong, attack with great aggression and, despite a heroic grenade defense, on 6 ‘go to the goal, with a pick and go from Semenzato. The match remains open, very balanced, at 23 ‘the Feltre builds another big throw-in opportunity, but does not take advantage of it and in the final it is the Venetians who overtake, as soon as they remain in numerical superiority, for a yellow card for Enrico Perotto. It is another pick and go to reward the forcing of the hosts. The game is not, however, over, there is one last gasp, hereAndo Della Dora seems to have marked the goal of the counter-overtake, but the referee consults with his line collaborator, sees a forward and chokes the Feltre joy in his throat. The Boscherai will be decisive.

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