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Rumors of player changes in the summer break

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Rumors of player changes in the summer break

In Formula 1, midsummer is called the “silly season”. Why? Because the rumor mill has been running hot these past few weeks about which racing driver will be driving for which racing team in the coming year, whether engine manufacturers are changing teams or whether engineers and designers are changing. Logically, this term does not exist in professional football, because the “silly season” lasts twelve months.

During the summer break it’s just a little crazier than usual. If only half of the names that are being associated with Frankfurt Eintracht for the coming season by internet portals and social media these days and weeks were correct, then there would be the squad of at least 80 professionals.

Let’s deal with the facts

But he won’t and therefore it is pointless to deal with the truthfulness of the individual reports and to derive a probability of an actual transfer to Frankfurt. Behind many pseudo personal details are consultants who want to make their clients interesting and therefore spread their names.

Which in turn is eagerly spread because every rumor promises a high number of clicks. Even if there is a real interest in Eintracht behind the rumored name, as is the case with Robin Koch, in most cases it does not come to fruition because at that moment the competition, which is often more solvent, has already pricked up the ears.

Peter Heß and Niklas Wagner Published/Updated: , Recommendations: 2 Matthias Trautsch Published/Updated: , Recommendations: 2 Published/Updated:

So let’s wait and deal with the facts: Eintracht is changing beer suppliers, has won two “Brand Awards” for its brand management, parted ways with U-21 sports director Patrick Ochs and hired a new head of athletics. Oh, and she’s surprised by signing two talents, Larsson and Bautista, whose names haven’t been floating around the internet for weeks before.

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