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Russia, the expert on TV: “In Ukraine troops without motivation. Moscow is isolated”

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Russia, the expert on TV: “In Ukraine troops without motivation. Moscow is isolated”

Moscow, May 17, 2022 – La War in Ukraine is disastrous for Russia, a military expert surprisingly exposed on TV, before the eyes of his compatriots, the big limits of the ‘special mission’. Silence fell in the study of the ’60 Minutes’ program, very close to the Kremlin, when Mikhail Khodarenokstrategy expert, former Russian Air Force colonel and military correspondent Gazeta.ru, said: “Our situation is not normal and will clearly get worse: our greatest weakness is that we are in total geopolitical isolation and we have to get out of it.”

Azovstal, the video of the surrender of 264 Ukrainian soldiers

Kremlin: “The actions of the West are war

The damage is done, must have thought the Kremlin, since the admission of Khodarenok was relaunched on social and found in millions of views. The stark truth about the progress of a war, first just hinted at at home, then, given the international clamor and sanctions, exalted for the security of Russia itself, it fell like a missile into Russian homes: the triumphal walk in Ukraine is proving to be a historic failure for Moscow.

Khodarenok then it was very clear, and sincere: “We must not accept reassuring information, such as that circulating about the moral collapse of the Ukrainian armed forces: to put it mildly, it is false information. Of course, there will be isolated cases but if we consider the situation as a whole, the Ukrainians can mobilize a million soldiers and we can’t do it. “ The analyst then reveals the difficulties in recruiting Russian army, an issue that the Kremlin has dealt with mercenaries, allies and even half-truths (As the soldiers convinced to participate in exercises).

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Ukraine, defeats and tactical errors: Russia risks disaster

Not only that Kiev has many men to be deployed, but soon also armed, in fact “the knot were their modern military equipment supplies” but now Stano getting military supplies from the United States and Europe “and the idea of a million Ukrainians in arms will be a reality. “

But the numbers are not the real obstacle, are the motivations of men, according to Khodarenok, to be decisive: “The professionalism of an army is not given by the number of people who have enlisted but by the level of their training and morale. Sure, even a conscript can be very professional but in our country there is it’s a school of thought that sees a conscript as a professional soldier, and this is far from true. ” The expert stressed that “the willingness to die for one’s land is one of the most important elements of preparation” of a soldier. A willingness that is lacking among Russian troops sent abroad in an unclear ‘special operation’.

The fear of Moscow about the expansion of NATO, among the reasons of the attack Ukraine, the analyst invites “not to be too threatening with Finland”, given the absence of a real threat. “We have to be political and military realistic, or we will be hit so hard by the reality of history that we will regret it,” concluded the former colonel.

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Sweden and Finland in NATO, Turkey: “For the yes we want terrorists in return”

Khodarenok aveva criticized as early as FebruaryThree weeks before the war, the idea of some military experts an easy Russian victory in Ukraine, and had him on the ‘independent military Magazine’, read newspaper also by leaders of the Russian armed forces. And, in addition to concerns about troop morale, he had questioned the advance of the ground, and the dominion of the heavens seen the good level Ukrainian air force and its anti-aircraft.

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