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Sabalenka: “It was me against me”

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Sabalenka: “It was me against me”

“What happened after winning the first set?

In the first set, I managed my emotions well. I focused on myself, not the crowd or my opponent. But in the second set, I started to think too much, and I gradually lost my power. Then she started moving better. And I missed a lot of easy shots. The good news is that it was me against me. The bad news is that I still have trouble playing against myself, I would say (smile).

Were some of the unforced errors you made just due to your emotions, or was his defense forcing you to make unforced errors?

I would say she moved very well and defended very well, better than anyone else. Coco really moves better on the pitch. I think that’s what helped her win this tournament. I always had to play like an extra ball. But I would say that today, it’s more because of me that I lost. There were some key moments in the second set, and those moments helped her turn things around. I gave energy to the spectators. They started to get louder. And she ended up feeling a little better.

You leave the tournament with the assurance of being world No. 1…

Yes, and that’s probably why I’m not too depressed at the moment. I’m going to be, that’s for sure. I’m really proud of myself because all these years of hard work allowed me to become world number 1. But for me, it’s all about finishing the year as world number one, not becoming world number one and being second the following week. This is why I stay positive and motivated. »

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