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SAGA Family Watch | For the love of timekeeping, witness the glory of the marathon_TOM Sports

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SAGA Family Watch | For the love of timekeeping, witness the glory of the marathon_TOM Sports

SAGA Supports Shenzhen Nanshan Half Marathon with Precision Timing and New Product Launch

The Shenzhen Nanshan Half Marathon, held on November 26, was a major event that attracted runners and spectators from across the city. SAGA, known for its support of youth sports in China, served as the official timing partner for the marathon, ensuring that each athlete’s time was accurately measured.

As the race began, SAGA family watches were activated to start the official timing. The atmosphere was tense and enthusiastic as thousands of runners made their way through Shenzhen Talent Park, moving towards the Shenzhen Bay Sports Center. SAGA had also formed a brand running team, providing them with technical clothing and support to enhance their performance during the marathon.

Additionally, SAGA offered exclusive benefits to the brand running team, including customized photo frames and lunar racer figures as gift packages to record the athletes’ heroic moments. Prizes were also awarded to the top three individual members of the running team, with the winners receiving “SAGA × China Lunar Exploration Project” joint aerospace commemorative watches.

Inspired by China’s history of space exploration, the commemorative watches represent a partnership between SAGA and the China Lunar Exploration Project (CLEP), integrating aerospace materials into the watchmaking process to create a lightweight and durable watch. This collaboration aims to ignite the energy of courage and provide refined timing for athletes challenging themselves on the marathon track.

In addition to their involvement as the official timing partner, SAGA also launched a new smart watch equipped with HUAWEI Smart Movement technology at the event. The watch offers features such as retrieving running data with just a raised hand, and sharing sports stories on the go. This innovation emphasizes the brand’s commitment to advancing with the times and embracing the intelligent era of timekeeping.

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The new product release was attended by notable figures such as Mr. Song Yong, Deputy Director Lu Xiaochun, and General Manager of the National Time Service Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, as well as business elites and media organizations.

SAGA’s participation in the Shenzhen Nanshan Half Marathon is a reflection of the brand’s commitment to sustainability, embracing new technologies, and supporting national sports. Through their advanced watch science and technology, SAGA aims to create a new lifestyle of smart and beautiful watches, continuing to uphold the art of timekeeping in the modern era.

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