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Sailing: Ocean Race: 11th Hour Racing in front at the fly-by in Kiel

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Sailing: Ocean Race: 11th Hour Racing in front at the fly-by in Kiel

As of: 06/09/2023 5:36 p.m

The Ocean Race has completed its fly-by in Kiel. The US team from 11th Hour Racing was the first boat to round the turning mark. Boris Herrmann and his Malizia Seaexplorer passed the inner fjord in fifth place.

In contrast to the Illbruck, which entered the fjord 21 years ago as the winner of the Ocean Race with hundreds of accompanying boats at its side, this time the Imocas had the water almost to themselves. Ships – large or small – had to keep the fairway free until the yachts had left the fjord again.

Big lead for 11th Hour Racing

Cheered on by more than 25,000 spectators on both banks and especially on the keel line, US skipper Charlie Enright steered his boat into the fjord at almost 20 knots. Circling the turning mark at 4:26 p.m., 11th Hour Racing had a lead of around nine nautical miles over their pursuers.

Team Holcim PRB rounded the white buoy in second, Biotherm in third. Some distance behind was Guyot Environnement Team Europe in fourth. Boris Herrmann passed the mark with his Malizia Seaexplorer just behind as fifth and last – around 75 minutes after the leading 11th Hour Racing.

“That was a very special highlight like the passage from Cape Horn.”
— Boris Herrmann on the fly-by in Kiel

Consolation for the two “stragglers”: They got the biggest applause from the Kiel line. Herrmann from Hamburg was enthusiastic: “It was a spectacular passage that we will never forget. Kiel showed itself from its best side, a perfectly organized fly-by,” said the Malizia skipper after the short visit to the fjord.

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Arrive in The Hague on Sunday afternoon

On Tuesday, the Imoca fleet “crept” out of the Danish town of Aarhus in very weak winds. The conditions were better in front of Kiel. In bright sunshine and an easterly wind with speeds of around eight to ten knots, the boats passed the “Sailing City” of Kiel.

After the fly-by it’s back north around Denmark through the North Sea towards the Netherlands – arrival in The Hague is expected for Sunday afternoon. On June 15th the seventh and last part of the regatta will start – with the destination Genoa (June 25th).

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