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Salernitana, who would take his place? The regulation says Benevento

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Vigorito’s club said it was ready to take over. But there are two other clubs in the window

If Salerno lives this long wait in apnea, there are other important squares at the window that follow with the utmost attention the complex corporate events of the grenade club.

The Benevento

The most interested is undoubtedly that of Benevento. Just take a look at the rules to understand why. In fact, article 49 paragraph 5 of the Noif reads: “In the event of an organic vacancy in the professional championships compared to the number that each league has identified (…) determined at the outcome of the procedures for issuing National Licenses or determined by revocation o forfeiture of affiliation or lack of requirements for participation in the Championship, the workforce will be integrated through the procedure for the readmission of the best placed among the relegated clubs of the same League “. The case of Salernitana would in fact fall within the “lack of requirements for participation in the championship” and it is therefore more than understandable that the last of the relegated to Serie B at the end of last season, Benevento, is trembling. The news arrived yesterday from the Football Association have warmed the spirits, but at the moment there is no new official communication. We stick to the note released in recent days, in which the president Oreste Vigorito expressed “all his solidarity with Salernitana, with the hope that he will be able to formalize the regular registration as soon as possible”, but at the same time he pointed out “that in the hypothesis of non-regular participation of the aforementioned club in the 2021/2022 football season, in implementation of existing rules and regulations, participation in the same will be the right of the undersigned club “. Attorney Eduardo Chiacchio, the club’s attorney, is monitoring the situation, but before any move we must wait for the Federal Council on 7 July.

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The others

However, Benevento is not the only club waiting. Although the rules speak for themselves, the case of Salernitana is so particular that it leaves room for maneuver (and hope) for others as well. Starting from the Cittadella, defeated in the playoff final by Venice. “We are at the window – explains the general manager of the club Stefano Marchetti – if there is a way to do something we will not back down. But we must first understand how the Salernitana affair will end, then clarify the admission-repechage methods. the thing, we will see how it will develop. It is useless to put the cart before the horse. ” True, but as we said the uniqueness of the circumstances (a double ownership in the same category with a lot of intervention by a trust) can only be tempting. In fact, we are talking about an anomaly that has never occurred before, an extraordinary hypothesis to be explored. For the moment, however, Monza has no intention of moving, which closed the regular season in third place behind Empoli and Salernitana. Despite some rumors released yesterday, sources close to the club have made it known that no readmission application has been submitted nor does it seem to be a real intention to continue on this path. Which actually, regulation in hand, appears very complex.


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