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Sally:I am proud of Mane’s decision to join Bayern. At present, Lewandowski is 100% likely to stay in the team – yqqlm

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Sally:I am proud of Mane’s decision to join Bayern. At present, Lewandowski is 100% likely to stay in the team – yqqlm

Original title:Sali:I am proud of Mane’s decision to join Bayern. At present, the possibility of Lewandowski staying in the team is 100%

Sally: Proud of Mane’s decision to join Bayern, Lewandowski is 100% likely to stay

Live it, June 24th. In an interview with Sky Sports Germany, Bayern board member Sali Hamidzic talked about the signing of Mane and whether Lewandowski and Gnabry will stay in the team.

About signing Mane

Sally: “You can see that I am very happy and satisfied that we have brought Mane to Munich to strengthen our squad. Mane is a player for any team in Europe and we are very happy with his decision to join Bayern. Very proud.”

Are transfers difficult?

Sally: “I don’t know if it’s difficult, it’s an interesting negotiation, but I sensed from the first minute the thoughts of Mane, his team and the agent, who have done a great job and are very supportive of Bayern. Confidence. So the atmosphere has been good, although in negotiations everyone wants what’s best for them.”

“If I noticed that a player we wanted also wanted to play at Bayern, then I would do anything about it. Mane is such a player, we sat in my garden and talked a lot about things like the transfer market , and then his agent Bezemo said that the transfer was possible. I thought: ‘I would love this’! Then I asked him if he was serious and he said: ‘Yes’! Then I asked Whether he can go to Liverpool tomorrow or the day after, we want to get to know the player right away.”

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About Mane’s salary

Sally: “We have a wage structure, we’re not going to break it, that’s what we showed him and his agent, we communicated on a good basis.”

From being hated and receiving death threats to people bringing in Mane for you to celebrate

Sally: “I don’t go online very often, but things like this are unacceptable, that was a long time ago. I believe in the last six months, we have shown what we intend to do. We have implemented some measures, we To be eliminated in the Champions League quarter-finals, that’s not our goal, we really learned a lot from this season and I hope that doesn’t happen to us again.”

“We got the players on leave to think about why we didn’t achieve our goals and I’m sure the players will come back with the same hunger that they used to be. Anyone who knows me knows I give everything for the club and I work every day to make our team better Better. I can’t influence anything else, sometimes transfers work, sometimes they don’t, and over the past two years Covid-19 has brought a lot of attention to us.”

“We lost a lot of money because there were no spectators in the stadium and it wasn’t easy. We still managed according to our financial means and I’ve been trying to stay calm. I was irritated by those words but I tried to finish me as calmly as possible. work.”

How many new signings are there?

Sally: “I can’t say, we need to see what’s possible. The transfer window is still long, let’s see what happens.”

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On the possibility of Lewandowski staying in the team

Sally: “It’s 100% so far. July 12 is his first day on the job and I’m waiting for him. But now I’m not thinking about that, we have other things to do. I think things have calmed down a bit. , we still have a lot of work to do. I think we had a good conversation with Lewandowski, I was there, Kahn was there, we both explained our positions, I don’t want to go into the details, but it was a very Good talk.”

Can the Lewandowski situation be resolved?

Sally: “Yes, I believe. He’s a professional player and he has big goals.”

Will Bayern let Lewandowski go?

Sally: “I don’t know, like I said, things that can’t be determined right now are not my concern. I can only say it again: he’s under contract until 2023. We’ll welcome him in Munich on July 12, he Will be there for the first training session, at least I’m looking forward to him.”

Will Gnabry be sold if not renewed?

Sally: “I know very well that he is a great person and we really want to keep him. We would love to renew his contract, I think we have shown him what is necessary and I hope he chooses Bayern. We will intensify negotiations over the next few weeks, but if the players don’t want to make a decision for the club then it’s fine to tell us that so we can find a solution that makes everyone happy.”

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