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Salvini, the trip to Moscow: the Russian embassy reveals the background. New storm

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Salvini, the trip to Moscow: the Russian embassy reveals the background.  New storm

Rome, 11 June 2022 – Il trip to Moscow from Matteo Salvininever happened, continues anyway to generate controversy in the world of politics. Today the Russian embassy in Italy claimed to have “assisted Matteo Salvini and the people who accompanied him in the purchase of airline tickets “ for the trip to the Russian capital on 29 May.

Russian diplomatic authorities explained that this was a necessary assistance due to “sanctions” which weighed, by suspending, the Rome-Moscow connections and the difficulties now encountered in buying Aeroflot tickets from Europe. So after the trip was canceled, the Russian embassy clarifies, “the amount spent has been returned to us: we do not see anything illegal “, he stressed to silence” the news on some Italian media “. Furthermore, again with reference to the criticisms received by Salvini, in Moscow” they were ready to meet the Italian representative at the appropriate level “.

The League itself made it clear to the media that had no “economic agreements of any kind with Moscow. The expenses for Salvini’s possible air travel were fully paid by the League, as clearly confirmed and explained by the press office of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Italy. No free Kremlin tickets, therefore, and no ‘paid travel from Moscow’ “.

According to the deputy from Fi, Elio Vito: “The Russian embassy confirms that it has paid for the plane tickets for Salvini’s trip to Moscow, it is a very serious fact. Salvini should resign, it is increasingly a source of embarrassment and concern for his party, for the allies, for the center-right, for Italy “. Critical too Massimo Ungaro of Italia Viva: “Why does the leader of a ruling party that introduced sanctions against the Kremlin go to Moscow at the Kremlin’s expense? Was he summoned to court to receive instructions?”. While the leader of Italia Viva Matteo Renzi jokes: “It seems it was a return ticket. If it had only been a one way trip it would have been better.” For the mayor of BeneventoClemente Mastella: “If Salvini had really been able to work for the end of the conflict or for solutions that would mitigate the war drama, it would have been the duty of the Government to provide him with a state plane. But his frenzied useless protagonism led him to the mortification of asking he gave alms to the Russian ambassador, making a fool of him and humiliating our country. The sense of the state was lacking. Salvini does not have it “.

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