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Sampdoria transfer market: Lammers, Nuytinck, now Dragovic with an eye on the budget

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Sampdoria transfer market: Lammers, Nuytinck, now Dragovic with an eye on the budget

Ferrari, who was out of Stankovic’s plans, goes to Cremonese, Caputo returned to Empoli. The attack on the faithful Red Star defender of the Serbian coach is ready

First movements on the market for Sampdoria, with a view to a real January revolution supported by Dejan Stankovic, determined to conquer a very difficult salvation to date. Lammers and Nuytinck the first two reinforcements, Caputo and Ferrari come out. The attack – only six goals scored in fifteen games – was one of the weak points of the team. To date, thanks to the unavailability of De Luca and the stoppage of Quagliarella during the retreat in Turkey, only Montevago and Gabbiadini remained available, in addition to Caputo. But the arrival on loan of Lammers, whose card is owned by Atalanta – 14 appearances, one goal and one assist for Empoli – restores consistency to the offensive department. And, at the same time, a not negligible detail, it allows the Genoese club to lighten the wage bill, considering that Caputo’s (who goes to Tuscany with the loan formula and obligation to buy in case of salvation) was one of the most onerous . In short, a double operation that is also useful from a financial point of view.


In the backlog Alex Ferrari moves to Cremonese instead, while the Dutchman Bram Nuytinck arrives on loan from Udine, only six appearances this year in the league, who now has the opportunity to relaunch himself. An obligatory choice, that of Sampdoria, to bring players to Genoa only on loan, considering the serious financial situation of the club, but which greatly complicates the operations of this session. Another possible arrival is that of Alexandar Dragovic, pillar of the Red Star and loyal to Stankovic, with whom he won the title in Belgrade last year. The Serbian club, initially available for a one-off loan, then changed position by aiming for a onerous loan or an obligation to buy. Two hypotheses that are now inadmissible for Sampdoria, but there could already be a clearing up in the next few days, thanks to the will of the player, who intends to return to work with Stankovic.

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Another open front is the corporate one. The former president Ferrero, whose family holds the majority of the shares, rejected the hypothesis of an external shareholder useful for favoring the recapitalization of the club up to fifty million, preferring to try and find his own resources. The shareholders’ meeting is scheduled for Thursday in first call, which could be adjourned in the following week. A decisive junction for the future of the club.

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