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San Giorgio, assault on the Union waiting for Radrezza bomber

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Gianluca Da Poian / IF I SAY

Luca Tiozzo recommends thinking big. Which does not mean looking at other objectives beyond salvation, as that moment has certainly not yet arrived.

Rather, it means continuing to keep concentration, intensity and the desire to have fun high, continuing to achieve the results of the last period. The derby will not give an answer on the maturity of San Giorgio Sedico, because after six consecutive useful results (including four victories) that maturity has already been seen. But conquering the Zugni Tauro in the afternoon would make it possible to give an almost decisive swerve to the battle for salvation, complete with an extension to + 13 on the penultimate place.

And who knows if Andrea Radrezza will also give a hand in the final sprint. Yes, the former captain currently in force at Limana could return for the missing three months. We are faced with more than one suggestion, because they are thinking about Sedico, in agreement with the Gialloblù club. We will talk about it anyway after the derby.


“We are chasing our goal salvation with open eyes and we must try to enjoy the moment,” explains the Biancorossoceleste coach. «Against Este we created a lot, including goals disallowed, chances inside the penalty area and more. These are good signs, beyond the 0-0, so we must continue like this, naturally trying to smooth out the mistakes as much as possible ».

According to Tiozzo, «the team plays well and in general they must have the mental tendency to think big. It does not mean talking about the playoffs as I have heard somewhere, but rather never taking your foot off the accelerator. Also because a difficult moment could happen again, so it is better to continue like this now ».

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In the meantime, the coach from Chioggia invites us to exercise maximum caution towards today’s opponent.

«I saw their match against Trento and I saw a very different team compared to previous outings. They made the leaders sweat until the end and only the skill of the first in the standings did not allow them to move the standings. If you play like this, you usually win. Better not to trust, but at the same time we need to be aware of our qualities ».

The classic team reasoning that really wants to think big.


This is today’s round of the championship, crippled by two postponements due to Covid in Clodiense Chioggia and Cartigliano.

27th day (3 pm): Union Feltre – San Giorgio Sedico, Belluno – Montebelluna, Trento – Mestre, Ambrosiana – Manzanese, Este – Luparense, Delta Porto Tolle – Caldiero Terme, Cjarlins Muzane – Adriese, Chions – Virtus Bolzano. Postponed: Arzignano – Clodiense Chioggia, Campodarsego – Cartigliano.

Ranking: Trento 53, Manzanese 48, Clodiense Chioggia 41, Luparense 40, Belluno, Arzignano, Mestre 39, Cartigliano 37, Caldiero Terme 35, Cjarlins Muzane, Adriese 34, San Giorgio Sedico 33, Este 31, Delta Porto Tolle, Montebelluna 28, Virtus Bolzano 26, Ambrosiana 25, Campodarsego 24, Union Feltre 23, Chions 17. (Delta Porto Tolle five races to recover; Clodiense four races to recover; Belluno, Trento, Manzanese, Este and Ambrosiana two races to recover; Arzignano, Caldiero, Cjarlins, Campodarsego and Chions a race to recover). –

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