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Sanmaurense on velvet with Voghera at the PalaRavizza game without history

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Edimes returns to success with Olympia still stuck at zero, 12 points from Infanti and 11 from Pagetti


Edimes Sanmaurense returns to success and, within the friendly walls of PalaRavizza, easily beats rear Voghera (still at zero points in the standings) for 62-39 in a match without history. Race already addressed to the long interval in favor of the red and white (32-14 at 20 ‘), who then control in the last twenty minutes, obtaining two fundamental points for the classification (5 won and 4 lost the record of coach Fossati’s boys) . Best scorer of the match Infanti at 12 points, while Tambwe’s 8 are not enough for Voghera.

The match report

At the start, Pagetti opens with a triple, Zonca responds with a two-pointer, then it is Infanti and Biraghi who take the home team to 10-3 at 4 ‘, forcing coach Cova to timeout. The Sanmaurense is more active on stray balls and uses the card of the area for the whole match: the different balls recovered yield the baskets of Gatto and Pagetti, before Pezzulla unlocks his with a triple (15-6 at 7 ‘). In the last 3 ‘a free from Tambwe and Ragni’s basket set the score at +10 Edimes in the 10’ (17-7). At the beginning of the second fraction debut for the new signing of the red and white, Stefano Bruciamonti, who immediately puts two points on the scoresheet, followed closely by Pagetti: on 21-7 at 12 ‘for Sanmaurense, coach Cova stops the game again. It is again Pezzulla who wakes Voghera from the offensive torpor with the second bomb of his match, Tambwe also realizes him from below, but Edimes, after some shooting errors, responds with Bruciamonti’s triple (26-12 at 16 ‘) . Biraghi comes on with four points in a row, Ragni puts in another two and Edimes reaches +18 at 20 ‘(32-14).

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Upon returning to the field, Olympia always struggles in defense, but in attack they find two bombs by an inspired Baldi, even if Infanti has other ideas and brings his team to 41-22 at 23 ‘. The offensive phase of the red and white, however, struggles to mesh definitively, Tambwe on the other side realizes and coach Fossati stops the match to rearrange the ideas (41-24 at 26 ‘). In the final of the quarter Edimes regains the 19 points advantage: the third fraction ends at 46-27 for the hosts. Frozen hands for both teams at the start of the last period with the first basket coming from Bruciamonti’s hands after 3 minutes. Immediately afterwards Voghera with Marangon is also released, then it is the baskets of Botteri, Gatto and Pagetti that put the red and white match on ice (58-32 at 36 ‘). In the final there is also time for the two points of the 2006 class of Sanmaurense, Matteo Pinto: ends 62-39. –

Fabio Sacchi

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